So, This Is Easter

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Mar 152016

A few months back we tried to determine—once and for all—what the best rock & roll Christmas song is. Maybe next year…

Now, it’s a new season, a new holiday but…are there any rock & roll Easter songs??? I can’t really think of any. Yes, there are songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. I guess they qualify. And Dylan went Gospel and was Saved (“by the blood of the lamb”), that’s somewhat Easterish, as are many gospel songs.

But where is, say, the “Jingle Bell Rock” of Easter? Or even the “Sock It To Me Santa” of Lent? The “Dreidl Dreidl Dreidl” of Passover? I can’t think of them; can you?

And if not, let’s be creative. Can we call this an Easter song?

(And, if nothing else, this lip-sync’ed video presents the most sedate rock & roll audience ever; they are much more suited to a crucifixion.)

Your turn, be creative, what can we pretend is a rock & roll Easter song?


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