Aug 292009

If there’s one thing we know about a number of us, there’s nothing we like better than being turned onto music from a foreign culture (and I don’t mean Canada or England, Townsmen mockcarr, andyr, chickenfrank, et al). If there’s something I’m even more sure of, there’s a larger number of us who shy away from anything that’s not rock ‘n roll, sung in English, etc. (And none of you is off the hook for your soft spot for show tunes!) Our latest Hear Factor collection is entitled Turning Congolese. I think the title is self-explanatory. I encourage you to download this zipped file, unzip it, and spend the next 3 days living with it. It may do you good. It may cause you psychic unrest. Whatever effect it has on you, we want to hear about it.

Turning Congolese (~74 MB)

In particular, for this challenging mix, I summon mockcarr to listen to this disc, which was artfully designed to offend his sensibilities.

What’s Hear Factor?

Aug 222009

The title of this mix pretty much says it all. This Hear Factor excursion is not for the lovers of twee who patrol the Halls of Rock, and for that reason it’s vital that those of you who prefer more melodic, tender sounds man up and deal with this mix!

Heavy Duty (~65 MB)

For this mix, I SUMMON Townsman Northvancoveman!

This is not to say that our Canadian friend is some soft-rock sop – not by any means – but he does go apeshit over that Paul Williams-Brian DePalma flick. The true soft-rock sops among you, whom I’m too kind to call out by name, are implored to live with this mix for a few days and report back. We’ll all be better people for your efforts. Thanks!

What’s Hear Factor?

Aug 182009

Here’s another mix that hints at a type of Olde Time music, but of the English variety. For some reason, this nation’s old-fashioned music seems less foreign than my own country’s pre-rock music. Must be something about English envy.

This is a collection of rock music, mind you, but I think some of you will find it challenging.

A Bit Off (~61 MB)

For this mix, I SUMMON none other than one of our proudest Americans in the Halls of Rock, Townsman Mwall.

The rest of you are also encouraged to dip into this mix and share your experiences.

What’s Hear Factor?

Aug 152009

Live albums…one of the rock industry’s key stopgap measures for bands lacking inspiration…one of rock band’s key moves toward quickly exhausting a contractual obligation. What rock nerd hasn’t bought a live album? What rock nerd spends much time spinning that live album within weeks of each purchase? They often came packaged in gatefold album sleeves back in the day, which had their use.

I was informed by our anonymous contributor that all tracks were burned from scratchy vinyl.

Live, Scratchy Vinyl (~75 MB)

For this mix, I SUMMON (relatively) young Townsman Oats and his main man, Townsman alexmagic.

The rest of you are also encouraged to share your virtual gatefold experiences.

What’s Hear Factor?

Aug 132009

Here’s a cool mix of Olde Time American music that the likes of your very own Mr. Moderator can use exposure to himself. This was compiled by a fellow blogger of some renown. I hope you make time to download, spin, and comment on this mix. I hope some of you find it challenging.

Back in the Goodle Days (~20 MB)

For this challenging mix, I particularly SUMMON Townsman cherguevarra!

What’s Hear Factor?

Aug 102009

One of the unfortunate things about our first mix for Hear Factor, deux is that the title our anonymous contributor gave this mix no longer refers to “newish” bands but bands that were once “newish” about 6 months ago. At least that would be the case if the concept of “newish” was being thrown around on a rock discussion blog where people actually try to keep up with what’s new. For better or for worse, when we get right down to it, this mix is still a collection of six newish bands that its contributor loves but rarely talks about on RTH. Better late than never, Rock Town Hall! Let’s see if you have the stones to download the following .zip file and spin these songs and these songs only for the next 3 days!

Six Newish Bands I Love but Rarely Talk About on RTH (~60 MB)

I summon Andyr to listen to this disc, which was artfully designed to offend his sensibilities.


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