Aug 242010

My friends, it took me long enough, but I finally manned up and spent a few days with that Prince deep cutz collection that hrrundivbakshi demanded that I confront for Hear Factor. It was one of the most difficult series of listening sessions I’ve ever encountered, but I am a better man for it – and you, HVB, are a better man for having put me through it.

E. Pluribus, you’re a good egg, too – and thanks for never making me sit through anything as painful as those Prince deep cutz. However, I need to call you into this, too, because you like to make a big stink about how exquisite your tastes are, yet you can’t even begin to appreciate anything remotely in the “Art Rock” camp, can you? I’m calling you into this alongside hrrundivbakshi because I think he can put a little heat on you. I think HVB has it in him to find a bearable angle on Roxy Music. I doubt you do, but I hope he will shame you into opening your mind a little bit. As painful as it may be for one of you to budge, I’m confident that your need to distiguish yourselves from each other will result in one of you expressing something profound and fascinating, something more than what we may expect.

Now, if you have some time, I want to know if either of you have it in you to appreciate Roxy Music. I’m offering a completely unbalanced sampling of two songs each from my favorite two Roxy Music album for your analysis, gut responses, and possible pleasure. In case you need a visual, I’ve also placed a video of the band playing another favorite from their debut album. I feel this will demonstrate the band’s usefulness in the research that is done in RTH Labs. Please take all the time you need, or at least as long as the tracks last. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

“Virginia Plain”



“Mother of Pearl”

Don’t think the rest of you have not been summoned as well. I urge those of you who’ve stayed on the sidelines through past discussions about Roxy Music to step forward. Do you want to be part of the angry mob forever, or do you want to stand out and be your own person?

Jun 022010

The time has come for me to face the ultimate horror in our long-delayed, long-suspended second season of Hear Factor!

A worshipper of the Holy Trinity of Rock (ie, Prince, ELO, and ZZ Top) who will go unidentified submitted a collection for my consumption and gut responses consisting of 10 deep cutz by Prince. The thought of listening to this collection so disturbed me that I failed in my responsibilities of moderating a second, successful season of this nearly revolutionary music blog torture listening exercise. I did listen to it – once – but I nearly drove off the road and subsequently procrastinated on listening to it again…until today. I’m off the road and safely seated now, so fear not! (~72 mb)

There’s no point in holding out any longer. Tomorrow we will delight in reviewing the early demos of our fellow Townspeople. That stuff can’t be worse than what I’m about to hear. My real-time thoughts, feeling, and impressions follow the jump…
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Dec 212009

Just a few more long-delayed Hear Factor, deux comps to run this week! This mix contains a lot of newish, Prock-oriented stuff that will likely appeal to Hrrundivbakshi and his Jellyfish supporters, so I’d most encourage our anti-Prockist Townspeople to settle in with this mix for a day or two. It’s not all heavy duty Prock, though. There’s a good deal of laid-back, melodic stuff, along the lines of Crowded House. Enjoy!

Mixorama (~68 MB)

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Dec 092009

Hot on the heels of a recent Philadelphia debut show by an All-Star Ukelele Orchestra, cofounded by Townsman cdm and featuring deliveries by a moustachioed chickenfrank, comes the latest Hear Factor submission, a collection of a certain kind of old-time music rarely discussed in these hallowed halls.

Everybody Needs Education (~46 MB)

Although all are encouraged to download and live with this mix before reporting back to us on how it really made you feel, man, I am especially keen to know what Townsman Hrrundivbakshi feels about this stuff. Consider yourself summoned!

What’s Hear Factor?

Dec 012009

Before the year is up I plan on running all of the Hear Factor, deux contributions that I received way back when. Here’s a contribution from a Friend of a Townsman… That’s right, even a would-be Townsman wants to play along, so why don’t you show him how it works and see if our efforts can’t encourage this blogger in his own write to simply put in some time with us directly? We don’t bite, at least not to the point where we’re breaking skin. Thanks, Friend of a Townsman!

No-Name Movie Soundtrack (~57 MB)

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Oct 032009

The ongoing Hear Factor series continues with Five Stars, a mix of rock ‘n roll that, in terms of hitting anyone’s discomfort zone, will likely challenge those of you who fear the relatively new and/or rock ‘n roll. I’m pretty sure you won’t fall in the latter camp, so get with it, stick in the muds: download the following file, unzip, and live with this mix for a few days. Then report back your experiences, making sure to mark your growth as a human being. Thanks.

Five Stars (~45 MB)

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