Nov 122011

We’ve all been there at one point. Confronting someone with “oh, that band you like. They suck. No, seriously. I’m not kidding they really suck.” I can safely assume that 99.9% of Townspeople do not like the band Nickelback. I’ll go even further saying that the majority of those 99.9% use Nickelback as the Mount Everest about what is really wrong music. Even casual fans of music hate Nickelback. So much so that an online petition is circulating to replace the band as the Halftime act for the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game. Of course, I added my name.

But why? Where is the tangible evidence that these guys, who seem to be all around nice guys are what’s wrong with music. They’ve sold over 30 million albums. Clearly someone out there is rocking out to these hacks. For me, I think it has something to do with Chad Kroger‘s manly macho man posturing and douchey lyrics. But there’s more to that. Perhaps there is a formula out there that proves once and for all the unworthiness of these yutzes.

Are there any other bands that you’ve come across in the last 40 years that have received this much vitriol?


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