Nov 172014

So a friend gave me a copy of Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, from Ok-Go, a band I was planning to not like very much. I knew they had catchy videos and all that. So maybe it was that this music made a good accompaniment to prepping a Sunday night lasagna, but I ended up enjoying the album more than I expected. There’s a distinct Spoon/Flaming Lips/Air vibe, and the best non-Prince Prince song I’ve heard in a while.

So I got to looking at some of the videos that go with the songs on the album, and found this:

Say what you will about the band and their music, I think this is a pretty cool way to engage the audience and perform a studio track. Granted, the audience is sitting down, but they seem to be interested in the process of “creating” some music. They aren’t wielding guitars or maracas or jumping up on stage to jam, but they are also not taking stupid selfies or videoing the whole thing.

Is this where music performance is going? Would you want to be part of this audience?


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