Jul 292010

Have you ever heard a second great song by The Lemon Pipers? I don’t think the makers of the fantastic “Green Tambourine” had it in them to crank out even one more great song. “Rice Is Nice” sure ain’t the long-lost, second great Lemon Pipers song!

Recently I checked out some songs by David Essex, other than one of the all-time one-hit wonder smash hits, “Rock On,” a song that still fascinates me as much as it did when I was an 11-year-old boy. Have you ever heard a second great song by David Essex? I thought not. I really wish he’d had it in him to crank out at least one more winner.

What one-hit wonder artist do you most wish could have managed to record at least one more great song? I’m not talking about artists who didn’t manage to have second hits, but those who didn’t have the talent, or whatever, to come close to matching the quality of their lone smash hit.

As a public service, should a Townsperson suggest an artist in this thread that you feel derserves credit for a second great song, please feel free to act on behalf of The Orockle and turn said Townsperson onto a song he or she may not know.


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