Sep 082012

[If you’ve ever entered Rock Town Hall through its root URL:, you were greeted by a Townsman strumming the opening chord of “The Kids Are Alright.” Our apologies to anyone who’s ever jumped out of his or her seat at that automatically generated sound. Those of us in The Back Office typically don’t support such obtrusive devices, but I think you’ll agree that it’s appropriate for our lot. My apologies, more importantly, to Townsman Al for the long delay in posting an idea he put forth in an offlist message a few months ago. This is a worthwhile initiative to determine—once and for all— rock’s most distinctive opening chord. But first…let us develop the Field of 64. Here’s Al to take you home. – Mr. Moderator]

Rock seems to have any number of single opening note/chord that instantly identifies the song and gets you singing it immediately. “The Kids Are Alright” is one example. Another great example is “A Hard Day’s Night.” Or The Move’s/ELO’s “Do Ya”—or maybe that needs those 4 crunches (although one does it for me). Anyway, I’ve never figured out a good way to structure it.

How about a Battle Royale, using the Field of 64 playoff structure, like the recent backing band tournament? First, let’s identify 64 worthy competitors. List your suggested competitors in this thread and hash it out with your fellow Townspeople. Next week we’ll release the brackets and let the games begin!


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