Jan 252009

A few months ago, professional necessity took me in an odd direction, and I found myself searching YouTube for recent material from former Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton. In amongst the noisy spoken-word pieces, hardcore-meets-dub club performances and other fringe-y ephemera, I found this:

Does anybody remember Wolfmother? I think we briefly argued about them on RTH Chess, with some finding them clever miners of ancient rock gold, and others dismissing them as worthless and derivative. It’s clear what Mr. Patton thinks.

I just love this clip — but I can’t decide whether Patton’s frank assessment of Wolfmother’s talents is refreshingly candid or just plain assholish. What do you think?

I look forward to your responses.


Jan 212009

The wisdom here in The Hall continues to amaze. In the early days I was intimidated but realized over time that although there are many here much more knowledgeable than I, it was the collective wisdom that was so daunting and impressive.

It is in that spirit that I want to launch a new regular feature that is not only for the people but by the people.

The concept is simple. This is a place to seek specific wisdom from the collective intelligence. These are not to be philosophical queries but rather to seek advice and wisdom on specific rock questions. I see it most used as a place to seek listening and purchasing recommendations.

I will start with a very simple request, one which may spark lengthy conversation, or not, but will hopefully illicit some sage advice.

The initial goal of this thread is to offer the opportunity for folks to ask similar questions and receive similar advice. The topic shouldn’t necessarily focus just on my topic.

Soooo. Here’s the question I would like to ask The Orockle.
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