May 182020

DEVO to the Rescue!

“Duty Now” Triple-Ply Cotton Face Mask

From the Smart Patrol:

COVID! SHE’S 19 AND SHE’S REALLY MEAN. DELIVERS PAIN. REMAINS UNSEEN. And as far as the doctors tell us she’s here for the foreseeable future. So, we can bet masks will be mandated for certain social interactions as the lockdown loosens and people venture out. With Covid 19 stalking us its easy to forget that this is 2020 and the 40th anniversary of Devo’s Freedom of Choice. What more cogent way to use that freedom of choice than to choose which of these two classic devo graphics you want printed on your 3-ply, cotton, washeable Devo Coronavirus mask? Wait! Unlike most choices we are given you can choose to have both mask designs! You win either way as we try to stay safe and avoid mean Covid 19’s invisible spray!

Also available-

Apr 012020

O-to-the-M-to-the-G. I’ve been so excited about this trial balloon of an RTH second coming (at Easter time no less!) that I couldn’t pick one from the pile of posts that I was considering to use to say “Hi Again Townsmen!”. Sad that it turns out to be one that just came to light:

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19

Mr. Moderator turned me onto Fountains of Wayne years ago and I was hooked from the first song he played me- Radiation Vibe which is also the first song from their first self-titled release.

My now 21yo son started learning to play guitar about 8 years ago and I turned him on to FOW. He sang Stacy’s Mom at his 5th grade karaoke graduation celebration. He had to ask the DJ to play it as it wasn’t on the “kids approved” list that his elementary school requested. (The apple doesn’t fall far.)

A few years later I took him to his first concert- Fountains of Wayne at The Roxy. He loved it. I bought him a t-shirt that he wore years after it fit.

Actual t-shirt
not actual size

He felt that that single experience with his dad effected his life in such a profoundly positive way that, because the shirt no longer fit, he did this-

Sep 292013

Whaddup with this? Did I miss this? Was this discussed around here already?

According to the YouTube poster;

This is a rare John Lennon song written during the Beatles famed 1968 trip to India accompanied by some great shots of the Fab. It’s about coming to India and trying to follow his heart, but knowing that his heart was really back in England where his love waited. It is speculated that Lennon didn’t release it at the time because it would have made public his feelings for Yoko while he was still with Cynthia Lennon.

Some other dude says;

it was recorded 11-12 years after the White Album was released

I like the song. Anyone know the story here?

Aug 202013

Please file under “Who knew?…Not me!”

I’m not even sure which way to go with this. My 13 year-old  inner-child wants to simply say,

She said taint!  he-he-he.butthead

Mrs. Maudlin  said,

This gives me a much better appreciation for this song in a Shirelles kinda way. AND gives me even less respect for Soft Cell if that’s even possible.

I suppose all that I want to say is I really like this song as performed here. I never really hated it before but…eh. So I’ll guess I’ll leave it at that.

Oh, and she was Marc Bolan’s gal at the time of his death and was behind the wheel of their Morris Minor when they crashed. And I think, like, she played keyboards and sang in T.Rex. Yes? Still…I like this song.

Jun 212013

Text from the YouTube poster,

Guests on the The Andrew Denton Breakfast Show in Australia are challenged to play an acoustic cover version of their choice. This is legendary Neil Finn covering Billie Jean. Excellent cover. If you enjoyed it, go and buy the CD.. heaps of very good covers on there.


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