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Jan 052011

So work has had me on the train quite a bit and that means going through my iPod more than usual. Two interesting thoughts/observations:

  1. I’ve been listening to the old Canadian, all-girl group Plumtree. They wrote the song “Scott Pilgrim” that spawned the graphic novel, movie, etc… They play pretty good, guitar driven pop-rock, which I dig. Here’s my dilemma: If they were GUYS making the same music, I’d probably hate it and think it was kinda weak. But being that it’s gals, I more than give it a pass, I kinda give them points for rocking. Is this sexism? (Reverse sexism???) Anyone else feel this way regarding “chick” bands?
  2. I’ve listened to the White StripesIcky Thump and have some thoughts on them. I was given their first album by a coworker back in the day and dismissed them as being a gimmick. (What? No bass???) And I’m generally suspect of musicians-as-celebrities-actors-daters-of-actresses like Jack White. But…over the years I have to say, every time I’ve heard a new White Stripes song on the radio—or of his offshoot bands—I’ve always admired that the guy consistently puts out Rock music with a capital R. I mean the guy is the only mainstream act to put out heavy, chunky, thuddy rock. And I shake my head and say, “Man, I gotta hand it to that dude, he’s heavy.” So…this Icky Thump album is pretty darn good in a odd country/blues/rock meld that works. And, the drummer who gets a horrible rap…is pretty f’n good. Or at least she works perfectly for this style—behind the beat rock, which I also dig. Am I alone with my respect for Jack White?

Sorry for the long post 🙂


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