Jan 312014

Thanks to the AUX function in the car, my wife’s been playing car DJ with her iPhone and music. One song that recently came on was The Pretenders‘ “Mystery Achievement.” I have very vivid and fond memories of this album in high school, driving around with my friends, doing nothing, with this as our soundtrack.

Hearing it again also had me thinking what a stunning debut this was. As if this band was in hibernation for years before releasing it; it’s that polished. I always loved the guitar playing and rhythm section, too. And though I suspect Mr Mod feels Martin Chambers is akin to Rick Buckler, his fills are so good and he really chugs them ahead.

I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with another band that was this good this early. The Clash got better and Costello’s debut was just a sketch of the greatness to come. So sad to think of how good the Pretenders might have been. Sniff.

Any debut contenders to take the crown?


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