Oct 192012

Everybody must get stoned.

Are there bands that you feel are taken for granted, from any era? Not obscuro “cool” bands that no one knows about but people like us, but bands that cranked out their share of hits that even intelligent music lovers like ourselves tend to overvalue? Here’s an imagine exchange between me and one of you that illustrates what I’m getting at.

Me: You know what pisses me off?

You: What now?

Me: When a band like The Rascals is taken for granted?

You: Huh?

Me: Yeah, The Rascals: “Groovin’,” “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “I Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Anymore”…

You: Yeah, I know—

Me: “People Got to Be Free,” dare I say “Good Lovin'”—not the Dead’s version!

You: Yeah, yeah, I know The Rascals. They’re in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, aren’t they? How’s that taking them for granted?

Me: Let me explain…


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