Jul 152008

Now, I appreciate Mr. Mod’s suggestion that This Is Your Rock Town Hall, but we all know that it ain’t always so. We all know that there are all sorts of subjects having to do with rock and roll and its aftermath that can’t get a fair hearing around here, because we know what everybody’s tastes are and we know what they will or won’t allow without making blog equivalents of the bodily noises of middle-aged males spending too much time in front of computer screens.

So in this post–the first of a series, if necessary–I’d like to hear about what you think are the types of subjects that could never possibly get a fair hearing on Rock Town Hall. If you want, I’d also love to know why you think these subjects can’t get a fair hearing. As the rules of this game go, responses that suggest that you can get a fair hearing will be considered out of bounds. However, I encourage people to respond by agreeing that the subject could never get a fair shake on this list and explaining why they themselves are not prepared to give the subject a fair shake. The only way to Listen Without Prejudice is to Recognize The Prejudice.

The Moderator knows that I play this game often in different variations, but it ain’t gonna be Your Rock Town Hall until you can speak about those things Rock Town Hall doesn’t want to hear. Only by our coming to terms with the fact that This Is Not Our Rock Town Hall can Rock Town Hall possibly be Our Rock Town Hall.

I look forward to your responses.


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