Nov 302012

Can it get any more disturbing than Genesis P-Orridge holding a child, even pre-sex change GP-O? I think so.

Remember this guy and them murder junkies he surrounded himself with?

Then there’s this legendary meeting of rockers who were not improved, respectively (from left to right), by removal of clothing or greasepaint.

I believe the most disturbing photo in the history of rock is after the jump, an image I scanned out of my late-’70s edition of The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll. I think you will see why this image was deleted from future printings of this book and has not, until now, ever been seen on the web.


  9 Responses to “The Most Disturbing Photo in the History of Rock?”

  1. I only posted it yesterday or the day before so maybe it’s just fresh in my mind but I find this profoundly disturbing:

  2. BigSteve

    Many people found the ick factor on this one too high:

  3. Bowie in his forgotten character – the Office Supplies Manager. He’s the one with the camera

  4. Suburban kid

    Pretty much any photo of Shane MacGowan.…0.0…1ac.1.fv6o3cEzR70

  5. That’s funny! Dig the Michael Caine specs.

  6. Ha, I was expecting the cover of Two Virgins.

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    Mod, I remember that disturbing photo! What I don’t remember is who it features. Perhaps you could share?

  8. I don’t recall the legend providing a specific name of a disco. I think these were just anonymous NYC disco folks.

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