Nov 302012

Attention, babies.

Action Mick has asked me to relay the following statement;

Action Mick has spoken.

Yes, he refers to himself in the third-person… Below is the official RTH casting for Rolling Stones: The Movie.

Casting is closed, babies.

As you know, our new BFFs over at Simon & Schuster, actually S&S imprint Gallery Books, has provided The Hall with 3 copies of this new release, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger to give away. Our personal favorite review is:

Hot tub reading at its very tingliest.
– National Post

Click here to read more about the book.

Below the fold, as they say, are the three winners of the contest…


  7 Responses to “Action Mick has the Floor
and Declares the Winners of the
Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger Contest”

  1. bostonhistorian

    Thank you Action Mick! The casting of the blonde smurf as Anita Pallenberg is a blow against the typecasting that is so prevalent in Hollywood. Nothing however will make up for the injustice of Chewbacca losing the lead in Pretty Woman to Richard Gere.

  2. Really inspired casting, Townsfolks! 2000 Man’s Jimmy Page-Quaker Oats guy comparison may be our Post of the Year and go down in the history of non-stop laughs I’ve gotten from this place alongside our Oats’ “Iggy, put a shirt on” comment from years ago.

  3. 2000 Man

    Yay! I’d go see that movie, for sure. I may have cheated, though. I put Action Mick on a nice shelf, where he could see the cover of a Glamour magazine sitting on a coffee table, and I kept telling him there’d be more where that came from if he’d pick me for the book.

    Action Keef called me a wanker, so I turned him towards the wall and played an Elton John record.

  4. sammymaudlin

    I thought that was Chewbacca, just with a close shave.

  5. Quaker Oats guy as Jimmy page is Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    Thank you for the honors, RTH and Action Mick. Tim, in his fishnets, finally gets to lord something over Susan Sarandon.

    Quaker Oats guy IS inspired! It might get loud the next time I eat oatmeal.

  7. BigSteve

    That’s it, no more generic store-brand oatmeal for me. It’s Jimmy Page rolled oats from now on.

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