Jul 022020

Me and (relatively) new music, especially (relatively) new music in the country vein…this happens about as often as a Philadelphia sports team winning a world championship. But first, can we talk about the most intriguing hairdo the music world has ever set before my eyes?


  11 Responses to “The Music World’s Most Intriguing Hairdo…and Chris Stapleton”

  1. Hair inspiration; My Pretty Pony?

  2. Here’s an interesting article by the boss of chickenfrank’s aforementioned band that tells the story of David Allan Coe. While it doesn’t specifically explain that ‘do, it certainly provides some inkling of how intensely weird someone with that hairstyle might have to be.

  3. 2000 Man

    I love seeing that picture of Coe’s stupid hair. Now when I think of his racist songs, I can also think of everyone that ever met him laughing at that stupid hair.

  4. @geo, I think you forgot to include the link. I’d like to see how that informs my interest in his hair. Thank you.

  5. Do I ever finish a comment before I hit send? I don’t think so.

    Here’s the link.


  6. Thanks, geo. Jon is such a good writer – and such a good frontman for John Train! It kind of sucks, but more importantly it’s great how jealous I can get of his special talents.

  7. BigSteve

    I think that’s a wig. At least the top part. I did a Google image search on his name, and there are a variety of unconvincing hairdos, leading up to more recent photos where he wears a hat or a bandana.

  8. That may be worse.

  9. DAC is such a fucking try-hard. If you have to keep telling everyone what a badass you are, you’re not really a badass, are you? Even when chickenfrank’s band-boss made me listen to DAC’s “dirty album”, it just sounded like stuff that even Wheeler Walker Jr would have considered crass and not subtle enough.

    I hadn’t heard Stapelton’s version Tennessee Whiskey until last week when one of my brothers played it and pointed out that it’s essentially I’d Rather Go Blind with different lyrics. Nonetheless, I like his version, although it sounds like a different song than DAC’s version.

  10. NOTE TO SELF: Stop telling everyone what a badass I am. 🙂

  11. “it’s essentially I’d Rather Go Blind with different lyrics.”

    And the lyrics aren’t as good. At least Otis Redding’s “Pain in My Heart” is a little less clunky than “Ruler of My Heart.”

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