Mar 182012

As we enter the final hours of voting in Rock Town Hall’s tournament to determine—once and for all—rock’s greatest backing band I bring you the videos Mr. Moderator doesn’t want you to see!

An anonymous source reports that he has been contacted by Mr. Moderator regarding his publishing company’s broad “web-scrubbing” abilities. “The Moderator wanted to know,” said the anonymous source, “how my company manages to claim copyrights on videos in which I have little to no involvement and get them pulled from the web.” The source continues, “I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until you called, but it was weird when he asked, ‘How would you, for instance, go about scrubbing a James Brown video from YouTube?’ He’s a weird fucker—and I’m not referring to James Brown.”

Here’s one of the videos Mr. Mod allegedly attempted to have removed from YouTube:

Following the jump is a video he pursued for removal even more vigorously.


  11 Responses to “The Videos Mr. Moderator Doesn’t Want You to See!”

  1. tonyola

    All that proves is that it’s easy to sound good when you have a capable bandleader and 47 disciplined musicians on a tightly controlled stage. Now have four less-disciplined people on an outdoor stage in the rain….

    The JBs were a fine band but the Attractions still have my vote because they could do more with less.

  2. Congratulations to The JBs, rock’s greatest backing band ever! Final results to be posted this afternoon…

  3. machinery

    Yeah, all these two videos prove is that the JBs played a nice steady Groove for James to wail over. Sorta similar to be honest. Now, Radio Radio next to Motel Matches … that’s a whole other band.

    We was robbed.

  4. machinery

    And while we’re at it, lookee. three songs, three melodies, three tempos.

    Me being a sore loser.

  5. misterioso

    KingEd, that is awesome. It is absolutely criminal how little prime-era JB video (and that covers a good 20 years) is available commercially.

  6. misterioso

    While we’re at it the EC & the A Rockpalast performance is an all-time killer classic as well.

  7. cherguevara

    It seems to me that this competition became a binary choice of two of the finest bands in their divisions – the groove-based band and the linear/melodic band. Where I tend to lean toward the JB’s is that they were really archetypes of that style, whereas the Attractions took existing forms, refined them and played the shit out of ’em. A tough competition all around but well fought and the listeners win.

  8. Mod, can the side poll accommodate 64 possible answers? Because I’d like to see who wins in a straight up or down vote.

  9. I like your attitude, cher. In response to cdm’s following question, I’m not sure if the poll can accommodate 64 answers, but I think the way the tournament played out was healthy. There’s much to be learned from the 63 losers in the field. I feel like we should respect their losses – and ours – and let the results stand…once and for all.

  10. Happiness Stan

    I would second that, especially if the bottom four, could be eliminated on each round like those TV talent shows and it was run over several rounds, or even a play-off among the top eight across the boards.

    I’ve been wondering all day how many of those who voted for either band in this round were doing so because they would have been the first choice all along.

    I had no emotional attachment to either band at the end and my vote was cast with a fairly heavy heart, and I was glad that there were three votes in it at the end because I would not have wanted it on my conscience to have made a difference to the result between two bands about whom I care so little when there were certainly those here who did have the attachment that I lacked.

  11. Deek Langoustine

    Shame I’ve been out the loop for a while, i would say “The Band” were the best BB of all time….but I am very biased.

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