Feb 182010

Today, February 18, 2010, marked an historic day in the history of Rock Town Hall – or at least a day that I’m psyched to see: all 10 posts showing on our Main Stage were composed by Townspeople other than myself! This is a first since we launched this blog. I’m sorry to have spoiled that run with this post, but at the risk of killing the mojo The Back Office and I felt it important to give you a big hand.

No joke, this is a welcome development that didn’t happen overnight. When we first launched the public blog version of Rock Town Hall, in January 2007, moving away from our roots at a private .listserve, one of the undertandable complaints was that things got too formal, required work and planning and graphics and links all that jazz we were once too informal and low-tech to worry about. Hell, I’m sure some griped that permission had to be granted to allow someone to launch a thread – and then contributors had to wait a few minutes for me to edit their work for consistency and flow. What a drag, man!

A little more than 2 years later, regular Townspeople can expect Main Stage contributions from any one of a dozen or so regular contributors over the course of any given week. The more the merrier! This place is about chewing the rock fat first and foremost. Many of you have yet to acquire Back Office privileges – or don’t feel like going that route – but you check in with your witty, intelligent, passionate points of view in the Comments section of threads. How often does a “minor” thread turn into a goldmine of rock-oriented time-wasting opportunities based on a killer comment? Often!

So enough of my yapping. Get back to doing your thing. If you want to become a Main Stage contributor by all means let us know (thebackoffice [at] rocktownhall [dot] com). Some post a topic for discussion regularly, some do so once or twice a year. It’s all good. It’s all necessary in a world that basically doesn’t give a shit about your thoughts on the finer points of the three main singer-songwriters in Fleetwood Mac. Thanks!


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