Dec 212009

Over the course of any year in Rock Town Hall, ideas come and go. For any 5 threads one of us has launched, there may be another thread that seems like a great idea for at least a few minutes but that you never get around to crafting and publishing as a fully realized piece on The Main Stage. Maybe you’re better at following through than I am. This is the case with my rock ponderings in these hallowed halls.

In The Back Office I have a number of thread ideas mapped out – or titles for future threads, if nothing else, saved and waiting for that day I get down to business and flesh out what I once envisioned would be a great topic. It’s not unusual that I eventually complete these ideas, maybe after drinking a late-night cup of espresso or seeing off some friends with whom I’d spent an evening reviewing my ideas. These are satisfying times; I feel like a real writer. Other times the very rough topic just sits there, eventually forgotten. I’m an optimistic guy when it comes to getting around to all the things I procrastinate doing, but sometimes it’s best to face up to my limitations and let some of my rough thoughts float away.

So that I don’t completely waste what might have been some decent ideas, following are topics that I have sat on for the past 2 years. Consider these threads I can no longer expect to ever complete in 2009. Maybe posting these “lost” topics here will inspire others to pick up where I left off. Maybe doing this will simply give these topics their proper burial place. By letting go of these topics before they clutter up The Back Office filing cabinets any longer, I envision a clearing of my own mind and the coming of new ideas, the kinds of threads that really need to be written. I sense I will experience a Sting-like feeling of contentment and self-satisfaction. Here goes!


  5 Responses to “Thread Ideas I Can No Longer Expect to Ever Complete in 2009, Part 1”

  1. misterioso

    Senor Moderator, if you only knew how many times I had had this same thought! Well, technically, none. But now that you mention it, yes: Holly does have that same sort of lockjawed backwoodsy drawl that makes you want her to burst out with, “Virgil Cane is my name / And I worked on the Danville train….” And in the old days when she still had a beard the resemblance was even more uncanny.

  2. I should perhaps gently point out that there’s this thing called dialects, see? Linguistics fail.

  3. I’ll take late peiod Steely Dan over Dave Matthews to show off my stereo any time.

    Beatles LOVE is the Stereo Show- off CD of choice for me..esp now that you can go 5.1 with the DVD version… I just got a real 5-cable 5.1 set up (analog!) and now I am that asshole (time to crank up Goucho!)

  4. Gaucho? Any audiophile worth his weight in salt knows that it’s Two Against Nature that needs to get cranked on the hi-fi!

    I’ve got the DVD version of Love, but I don’t have the set up for it. Matter of fact, I’ve bought a few 5.1s in the past few years. Perhaps my Secret Santa will gift me one?


  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Gotta go to bat for what I think is the ultimate audiophile album, “Bellybutton” by Jellyfish. Any time an album is so obsessively hyper-engineered that it breaks up the band, you gotta believe it’ll make your high-end ribbon speakers sing.

    In all seriousness, I’ve heard it’s the go-to album for geeky L.A. studio engineers who want to test studio monitors.

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