Jul 052007

Our very own Townsman Oats made mention of how strange it is seeing T-Bone Wolk play guitar with Hall and Oates these days, making particular note of the fact that the former bassist has different faces to accompany his guitar playing. Good point!

I guess Wolk’s former compadre G.E. Smith no longer plays with them. I’m sure he’s moved onto bigger and better things since wincing for the cameras as SNL cut to commercial breaks during the show’s mullet years. Not much is made of Smith’s departure from the Hall and Oates fold, but I’m sure it’s significant.

A video to make you reconsider seeking out those Hall and Oates “deep cuts.”

However, the most significant change in the pop duo’s line-up has gotten even less ink. Check out this old publicity shot of the band. As usual, key sidemen like Wolk and Smith are not pictured, but a third member who might have been considered an equal member of a trio act – not a duo – is.

Now check out this more recent shot of the – no doubt about it, anymore – duo.

Anyone know what’s become of Oates’ ‘stache?


  3 Responses to “Hall and Oates Confirm Group Now a Duo”

  1. The real question is if Mickey Curry is still with them on drums. 🙂 He and Wolk, incidentally, played with Elvis Costello on the awful, reworked version of “Blue Chair” that came out as a single in 1987.

  2. saturnismine

    i lost track of “Oatstache”, or “Stache” as his homies called him. but i heard that he hadn’t been the same since freddie merc died and took his ‘stache to the grave with him.

    as a matter of fact, word was that Stache took the loss real hard. said he “felt alone” in the world. he’d been through so much as it was, what with all the coke in the 70s. so i’m not shocked to hear that things have taken a turn for the worse…but missing? and without so much as a word from Oats himself. What a slap in the face THAT must’ve been! Surely, he’ll be back for a reunion at some point. I mean, no wonder their set was so lame last night. It just isn’t the same. Stache really classed them up quite a bit.

  3. KingEd

    Is that scruff goatee Hall wears an attempt to replace Oatestache? If so, it ain’t happening!

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