Jan 222007

In 50 words or less, please describe how the album cover for the debut by The Blasters says all that there is to say, for better and for worse, about the music contained within.

The Blasters, “American Music”


  4 Responses to “Truth in Packaging (For Better and For Worse)”

  1. The cover tells me that the music
    contained within will cause me to sweat vigorously and clench my teeth so hard
    that I will need additional caps.

    It also tells me that the guitar fury
    will be so intense, that I had better
    keep my eyes shut tight just in case
    sparks start flying and of course I
    don’t have my protective goggles with

    In short, it says ROCK.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    You get what we’re looking for. Keep ’em coming, Townspeople! Feel free, while you’re at it, to suggest other album covers that represent the good, the bad, and the ugly of the music contained within.

  3. KingEd

    Looking at this cover and remembering their music I’m reminded of a chimichanga I ate in 1984. The thing did a number on my insides. I had to struggle to let freedom ring, so to speak.

    The music of the Blasters (this is their second album, by the way) also represents that struggle. A mixing of traditions, an uncomfortable mix at times. Sweat and grit. Hard knocks. Too much to eat. Not a pleasant sight or smell, but well worth work that preceded and followed the main event.

    Whatever happened to Phil Alvin, now that I think of it?

  4. sammymaudlin

    I owned this album in highschool and it is either warping in a box in the garage or was sold for dirt weed funds long ago.

    The only good that come from this disc, which I dug at the time, was that it directly led to my discovery or Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent… This silver lining is represented by the precious metal on those back teeth and I had to look that far back to find the value.

    As for the sweaty grunt- It reminds me of this-

    The Blasters came all broken hearted
    They came to rock
    But only…

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