Dec 102011

I am a bit of a turdhunter. The pursuit of miserably failed works by certain sincerely beloved artists gives me a degree of pleasure and a sense of understanding of the human condition. Lou Reed is the artist whose trail I am as likely to follow for his steaming turds as I am his increasingly spare pearls of street-savvy rock ‘n roll. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out that my close personal friend Townsman hrrundivbakshi continues to follow his man Prince for the same reason. There’s something to be learned from the corn-studded turds of a particular artist.

Are you or have you ever been a turdhunter? Who’s your prey? What piece of dung by said artist gave you the most meaningful insight?


  5 Responses to “Turdhunter: Following Artists Who Are as Likely to Leave a Trail of Crap as They Are One Strewn With Diamonds”

  1. Bronzed Nordic God

    Mod, does this mean you actually listened to Lulu? I appreciate this records store’s honesty in the the picture accompanying this article.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    I suppose I *have* become a 21st-century Kolchak when it comes to Prince’s career. You have to be content with “turd-stalker” status as far as that guy is concerned these days. What’s even more frustrating is that his “musical genius” — at least the quasi-mathematical, skill-based part of it — is still very much on display, even as he sinks into lesser and lesser relevance.

    Still, I’ll take a Prince turd over almost anything on pop music radio these days.

  3. That’s really funny, Bronzed One! I have actually downloaded 2 songs…dare I say, “so far”? It’s really, really bad – and truly, truly eye-opening stuff.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    As far as turdular insights are concerned, I still think that the “Grafitti Bridge” movie should be required viewing for anyone who thinks they “know” Prince. If we ever had an RTH movie night, that would be my contribution. A lot of minds would be opened by that chocolate log.

  5. Deek Langoustine

    It’s true there is something to be learned from such “dross” pumped out by the like of Lou Reed. To hear someone who can creates gems like the “New York” album and then drift of into the arthouse tripe just before and just after “Magic and Loss” is almost ae inspiring. I think we all have to accept that this comes with the territory when dealing with “prolific artists” like Lou. Should they stop? I don’t think they should but sometimes I wish they would if I’m honest

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