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Among your fellow Townsfolks, based on their general responses to threads over the years:

  • Who’s tastes do you think most match your own?
  • Who’s tastes do you think are least like yours?
  • Who would you most like to make you a mix CD in the hopes of hearing something interesting that you hadn’t heard before?

Lurkers and dormant Townspeople, please feel free to chime in. You know we’d love to hear from you.


  42 Responses to “Venn Diagram of Musical Tastes”

  1. Good topic on a relatively apathetic week. Let’s hope this gets some talk going.

    1. I know there are deep intersections between me and andyr. Same goes for me and my other old mates, but I depend on so many of you to high five over the outskirts of my tastes.

    2. Dr john and I have been known to differ, even over bands we both like.

    3. The long lost dbuskirk and The Great 48 have a knack for surprising me with music I assume i will hate.

  2. 1. I like 2000 Man’s meat and potatoes taste in music but that’s probably not all that surprising given the fact that the Stones and the Replacements make up 2/3s of my Rock and Roll Trilogy. I can’t recall the details but I seem to remember noting that Funoka and I had similar tastes, but that could also be due to his love of the Replacements.

    2. Given my preference for simple music, it’s no big surprise that I find little musical common ground with resident prog aficionado Tonyola. Even when discussing which song was the greatest Nuggets track, my least favorite turned out to be his favorite. I think Tony would get along famously with my older brother though, who once told me that he had just created the ultimate mixed cd. It contained 3 songs (Close to the Edge, Sheep, and Supper’s Ready).

    3. I think folks like Hank Fan, Big Steve and HVB would be good sources for obscure honky tonk and R&B from years gone by. And I think that E Pluribus Gergely would probably cough up some cool tracks, provided that you weren’t looking for something post-1981.

  3. shawnkilroy

    Oates, CDM, and Hrundi, and Mod and Saturn, and Bigsteve have tastes similar to mine and i want them to mail a mix CD to 2702 Poplar st 19130

  4. That’s like 4 blocks away, can’t I just walk it over?

  5. I’ll get on that, my man! Sounds like fun.

  6. Watch out for this guy, kilroy!

  7. I think Misterioso and I share a fondness for Dylan. BigSteve and I have a “Southern connection.” I think Shawnkilroy and I have an affinity toward work that’s not as appreciated as it should be. CDM and I probably agree as much as we disagree. I know Mickavory and I share alot of the same tastes particularly 60s pop of many varieties.

    E. Pluribus Gergely totally frightens me, which I don’t know if that’s good or bad. We probably would agree on alot of music, but I would offend him somewhere and he would end up burning my record collection in the name of all that’s good and holy.

    Mod and I would likely agree to disagree. We’d probably like alot of the same stuff, but disagree on the stuff we are both very passionate about.

    I believe Tonyola would probably be capable of turning me on to something new and different.


  8. My tastes are most closely aligned with Alexmagic. Of course, we’ve known each other for 15 years, so perhaps it’s something of a given.

    I was going to say my tastes are least closely aligned with E. Pluribus — mainly because of Herman’s Hermits and the whole 1981 thing. But in actuality, it’s probably Tonyola.

    I would most like to get a mix CD from BigSteve or dbuskirk.

  9. bostonhistorian

    HVB and Cherguevara seem to be pretty close to my tastes, if I recall correctly, and Mr. Mod seems fairly simpatico as well–my best friend has a Nixon’s Head sticker one of his guitar cases, so that’s some kind of recommendation.

    Also, we really need to do some Rock Town Hall in so we can torture each other with our musical tastes…

  10. tonyola

    Well, now – when two people single me out for being “least compatible”, I’m obviously not going to win the Miss Congeniality crown, am I? Misterioso hasn’t chimed in yet, and we have our disagreements, but we also agree on some crucial points, like the value of Smile. I also give credit to latelydavidband for being open to new musical suggestions.

    Anyone want to take a cross-country road trip? I have two rules for passengers: 1) no smoking in the car; and, 2) try to touch the stereo and your hand gets slapped. Marathon prog fest! Twenty minutes per song or bust!

  11. cliff sovinsanity

    1. Lady Miss K Royale and Oats occupy the same frequency I pick up on.
    2. Tonyola – I thought I liked prog, but I don’t know….
    3. Hrundivbakshi – please, please, more Thrifty Music specials on SNSI.

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    1. I’ve noticed that I overlap the most with BigSteve, cliff sovinsanity, Happiness Stan and Oats.
    2. I probably have only a bit in common with…Mr. Moderator.
    3. I would love a cd from anyone on this blog. One of the reasons that I like Saturday Night Shut In is that it gets me to listen to music I wouldn’t necessarily choose (but may end up liking anyways). Actually, I could say the same for this site – you all have brought me back in time from the 80’s and 90’s to the 60’s and 70’s.

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    Oh, God. Driving cross country with someone is the ultimate test of a relationship. If you can’t hash it out with the music, it won’t work. I once drove cross country with a male friend who chose to listen to the Tom Tom Club’s “Wordy Rappinghood” and “Genius of Love” on a tape loop. The car broke down in Kansas (just after I called a friend and told her I was going insane) but saved me from hearing those same two songs on repeat. We ended up not speaking to each other from Denver to Yuba City, CA and then didn’t communicate with each other for another year. Lesson learned.

  14. Hey tonyola, I’ve got your back on this prog thing. Can it be, prog hater that I was in high school, that I may rank among the top 5 prog fans in the Hall? Let’s see, there’s tonyola. General Slocum’s been out of touch, but he’s got prog roots. 2000 Man, I believe, has maybe the most shocking prog background I’m aware of. Then who else?

  15. saturnismine – another Townsman who’s been out of commission of late – also has much deeper prog roots than I. I wouldn’t be surprised if mwall and trigmogigmo have prog roots as well, so maybe I’m not a distant #4 or #5 after all.

  16. trigmogigmo

    1. Not sure what it is specifically, but I think my likes are in sympathy with cdm, funoka, ladymissk, BigSteve, and cherguevara. Also, I know Mr. Mod likes XTC which is a huge touchstone for me.

    2. That’s interesting that you get a prog rock interest from my comments — I was going say that tonyola’s prog tastes are way too wide and deep for me. Mine are specific and shallow, and probably not very “proggy”: I really like Belew-era Crimson, and 80’s Rush!

    3. I agree that the SNSI shows are great, for me it’s mostly brand new music. One of the shows featured a great Buzzcocks song and I wondered how the hell I completely missed them the first time around. But I will say that on the basis of the RTH theme song, HVB probably has a mix CD up his sleeve that I would like.

  17. Tonyola says: “Twenty minutes per song or bust!”

    That funny, and that’s exactly what my brother would say. The fact that you have been singled out more than once speaks to the purity of your musical tastes.

  18. misterioso

    tony, I have my staff working on breaking down the numbers and will report the results in due course.

  19. 2000 Man

    I think cdm’s tastes match mine most closely. I guess it’s that 2/3 of the Holy Trinity thing with The Stones and The Replacements. I think we were pretty close on the Nuggets stuff, too. If we chose different songs it was because I just gave up and picked one already.

    I think ladymisskirroyale’s tastes in music are least like mine. I get it, though. Most of my favorites seem to come with an extra helping of testosterone. I’m not saying we never reach, but she’s much more adventurous than me (in the world of Rock – not in the world of music that include Ethiopian weirdness). So I always watch her links because sometimes it turns out that I was avoiding a band because their name or look kept me at arm’s length, and then lmk shares a link and it turns out that I do like Green Eggs and Ham after all!

    I’d like BigSteve to make me a mix tape. Mostly because all I’m really familiar with when it comes to Pub Rock is Eddie and the Hot Rods and Dr. Feelgood. But I really love those two bands, and I always have. I don’t even know who 90% of the rest of that scene were. I love the Saturday Night Shut In shows, too. I want to make one and send it in, but apparently I need a better microphone. A new voice would be good, too!

  20. Jeez, Big Steve appears to be all things to everyone.

  21. BigSteve

    I contain multitudes.

  22. I think Latelydavidband is the other huge Townshend fan here. And I have identified with Dr John when he gets exasperated with the gang here for pick pick picking at the flaws in some well-deserved classic rock warhorses. And I dig Kilroy’s support of the trash 80’s (but I draw the line at hair metal).

    I can’t put myself in the shoes of a collector like 2000Man or a deep dive into prog like Tonyola or Mr.Mod’s modern composers (Terry Riley, John Cale) series. I’ll leave that stuff to you experts.

  23. tonyola

    You can count me as a Townshend fan too. I like pretty much everything he’s done both with the Who and as a solo artist up through White City.

  24. I tend to lurk for months and months, so this is tough for me to answer.

    But judging from my limited sample size, Mr. Mod might have the closest tastes to mine. I get that impression from our mutual love of the Hollies and the mostly British Invasion mix he was playing at Sausages for Sammy. His distaste for the Ramones (and Mad Magazine) is troubling, however. I probably have more of a taste for stuff that’s just gloriously stupid.

    Dr. John and I share a love for Guided by Voices and both look down on people who like to rip Paul McCartney, but his tastes have always been a lot more indie than mine.

    I guess the prog-rock loving tonyola might be furthest from me. I can’t understand why he had such a negative reaction to the Vagrants’ version of “Respect.” But then we both love “Liar, Liar.”

    Not sure who I’d want to make me a mixed CD. I guess anyone who’s a connoisseur of obscure yet catchy garage rock and psychedelia.

  25. tonyola

    I don’t hate the Vagrant’s version of “Respect”, but I do think it’s pretty generic and unexceptional compared to the versions by Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. I just consider it a very minor Nuggets song, not particularly worthy of note.

    Regarding Mr. Mod, of particular concern is his recent confession that he’s creeped out by Groucho Marx, of all people.

  26. Yea, I remember you commenting on Lifehouse Chronicles the multi-disk set available through PT’s eelpie website. That is the sort of thing I’d like to hear once, not necessarily own. But, I’m not much of a collector. Glad to hear from those who are, though.

  27. tonyola

    I want to be clear on this. The entire Lifehouse Chronicles boxed set is a severe case of overkill. No-one except the most rabidly obsessive Pete fan (which I am not) needs to hear the radio play, the fragmentary bits, or the symphonic stuff. However, the first two CDs have the real songs and are definitely worth hearing and maybe even owning. If Pete was smart, he’d issue these two CDs as a separate set, especially since the mongo box seems to be no longer available on Eelpie.

  28. Whatever “prog roots” are, I doubt that I have them. Didn’t have much interest in that sort of thing growing up. Actually, I enjoy prog more now than ever before, although only perhaps because these days I have more tolerance of, and fascination about, music that on some level or another has gone wrong.

  29. I like pretty much all of what The Mod likes, but I also like a great deal that he can’t stand. Same goes for Hrunndi, although some things he likes I can’t stand. I have a lot in common with 2000’s love of straight ahead rock and roll, but again find his tastes too narrow. I have a lot in common with Big Steve’s big range, while vehemently disagreeing with him on the value of hard rock.

    I know I’m not exactly answering the question the way it’s asked, but that’s more or less what I have to say. I’ve learned from Oats and others here also whose tastes are quite different from mine.

  30. I believe I know where one can get the 2-CD version, and think it’s available for free download online if anyone wants to go looking.

  31. tonyola

    There’s no two-CD Lifehouse set that I’ve seen. There is a single-CD compilation called Lifehouse Elements.

  32. Happiness Stan

    It feels like I’ve only been here five minutes and I’m still largely figuring out who likes what – I have ridiculously wide-ranging tastes, so think I probably have enough in common with everyone here to be able to co-exist on a car journey of moderate length. With practically every thread I’m surprised to find that someone I thought I’d figured out suddenly throws in some heavy hostility to one of my favourites, or announces that they like something that I absolutely can’t stand, and have found quite a bit of new stuff which I like just from listening to what people on here are saying.

  33. I don’t know in what official form it may or may not have been released, but the first two CDs in the set can be found here:

  34. Hey Mod, Where’s that cop out link?

  35. hrrundivbakshi

    EX-cellent comment, mwall.

  36. hrrundivbakshi

    RTHer whose mix CD I most fear: Mr. Mod — because he’d probably try to turn me on to something he knows I’d hate, and I’d feel terrible actually having to tell him it sucked. (Be Bop Deluxe, anybody?)

    RTHer whose mix CD I fear would contain music I already know and like: Shawnkilroy — yes, he and I reach on a lot of 70s cheese, but I don’t need a CD full of that stuff; I know it by heart already.

    RTHer whose mix CD would probably be most illuminating: BigSteve. Or maybe Mwall, if he put together a collection of post-70s heavy metal. I’ve been feeling strangely nostalgic about that era lately, and would be willing to try a bit of, you know, Iron Maiden and shit.

    RTHer whose mix CD I’d probably like the most: Oats. Dude has great taste, period.

  37. Come on now, no lurkers want to step out into the sunlight on this? We’d lo

  38. Oops! Should be “we’d love to hear from some new folks.”

  39. Aw jeez, HVB. Thanks.

  40. alexmagic

    I get furious at any music with too much compression, reliance on high frequency and improper musical waveforms, so any mixes that any of you might sent would probably sicken me and cause me to leave the Hall.

  41. Ah, we miss the Thunder Down Under, don’t we?

  42. BigSteve

    What’s your address?

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