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This May 24, 2013 is Bob Dylan‘s 72nd birthday. To celebrate the occasion, the Worcester Art Museum is offering free admission to anyone who comes “dressed as Bob.” I’m curious to know how liberal the museum staff’s interpretation of coming “dressed as Bob” will be. Being a bit of a wiseass, I can’t help but think of my reaction, in my younger days, to restaurants that had a tie and jacket dress code.

“One of these days,” I’d tell my wife (because I never found myself in such an establishment before I was married), “I’m going to show up in leisure suit with a wide, polyester tie and see how that meets their dress code!”

To help people with no clue what it means to come “dressed as Bob,” I presume, the museum notes that images of the birthday boy are included in their ongoing “Kennedy to Kent State” photography exhibition. I would assume these will be images of Primo Voice of His Generation Bob, the shades and polka-dot shirt–wearing Bob with the wild hair shown in the museum’s promotional materials. However, do the people working the admission area at the Worcester Art Museum know what they’re in for if some young wiseass version of me from 20 years or more ago shows up looking like this?

Save this look for Bruce Springsteen's birthday?

Save this look for Bruce Springsteen’s birthday?


  4 Responses to “What About the Other Bobs?”

  1. I’m gonna dress up as Rolling Thunder Bob, complete with white facepaint.

  2. The recent cowboy Bob LOOK is nice for a man of his age. The pencil mustache is kind of hard to pull off, but he does it well. If even you don’t like it, do think Bob gives a shit?

    I think I’d do that.

  3. Y’think Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons” would work?

    What about dressing like Cate Blanchett?

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