Jun 222020

I stumbled across this 1971 Bee Gees concert. I’m only a couple of songs in, but it may be an important find for people like us. Check out the opening number, where Barry puts forth an evolving Look at BTO-worthy shot to the midsection. Then Maurice counters with a Bakersfield-worthy slice of machismo called “Lay It On Me.” Robin settles down the threat of a full-on Bee Gees Fight Club with the tenderest of ballads, but parts of this performance beg the question…


  13 Responses to “What If…The Bee Gees…?”

  1. Happiness Stan

    I am so looking forward to watching this when I get a moment. I’ve never been afraid to champion the early work of the Bros Gibb, although the disco phase coinciding with my years as a punk made it more difficult than it might otherwise have been, and I was universally derided for years.

    I hesitate to say it within these walls, but leaving an Oasis gig I went to between their first and second albums with my best musical mate, I mentioned that I’d been struck by the very obvious Bee Gees influence on a couple of the new songs. My mate, who would never have sullied his ears with Odessa on principle mocked me for weeks until he read an interview with Noel Gallagher in a serious rock mag in which he, too, sang the praises of the mighty trio.

    To the barricades, then.

    Fist of May

  2. diskojoe

    I burned this on DVD along w/Cucumber Castle, which is their version of Magical Mystery Tour in more ways than one. The concert itself is pretty good.

    I think the question should be what if the Bee Gees went country instead of disco. There was a song on Odessa called Marley Purt or something like that that sounded like it could have been from an album by the Band. I think they further dipped their toes in country @ some point in their careers. I’m also thinking that their fellow Aussie Olivia Newton John got her start doing country songs.

  3. The country angle is a good one, diskojoe. Didn’t Barry end up writing and producing “Islands in the Stream” (is that the title?) and maybe an entire album with Kenny Rogers and/or Dolly Parton?

  4. diskojoe

    Yes, Mr. Mod, the Bee Gees were involved in the writing/producing of “Islands in the Stream” & the Kenny Rodgers album it came from.

  5. I knew that BeeGees song title, but I couldn’t say if I’d ever heard it until about a week ago on the WFMU morning show. I thought, “WTF, how did I never hear that Warszawa was stolen whole cloth from a cheesy BeeGees psychedelic intro?”

  6. Of course, the cartoon was just a nice bonus that I couldn’t resist.

  7. cherguevara

    I’m just going to drop this video of Springsteen covering Stayin’ Alive without further comment:


  8. That video reminded me,,,did anybody see Zach De La Rocha got in a Twitter argument with a guy who tweeted that he had been a big fan but didn’t like that he was getting political lately? WTF?

  9. Cher, that’s a perfect example of how the Bee Gees could have turned out had they butched it up a bit.

    I’m glad they didn’t.

    Geo, I saw something about that, but I assumed it was an Onion article. For real???

  10. For real. Truly Bizarre.

    Sorry, it was Tom Morello. His appearance in the Springsteen video reminded me, but I got the name wrong. I guess I’m not the Rage Against the Machine fan that some folks are!

  11. Here’s the story. I looked at his Twitter account to be certain it happened. It did. Maybe the guy that initiated the exchange was a master troll. But after the scene from the Palm Beach city council meeting, I’m guessing he wasn’t. There’s plenty of stupid out there!


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