Jul 072012

Watch the trailer and tell me if you don’t share the same concern I do.

Any other concerns you might have are welcome in this All-Star Jam.


  24 Responses to “All-Star Jam: What Is Possibly the Most Disappointing Aspect of Oliver Stone’s Upcoming Film, Savages?”

  1. Deek Langoustine

    That looks like a dictionary definition of lame, if that film was a horse you would have to shoot it!

  2. Deek Langoustine

    It’s impossible to identify one “most” dissapointing aspect from all the others Jimbo

  3. It’s lack of cover versions of Journey, Styx, and Whitesnake songs?

  4. No, this gnawing sense of disappointment is specifically centered around my fascination with the films of Oliver Stone.

  5. No Christina Ricci?

  6. I’ve really only genuinely liked about four of Stone’s films, and found a couple of others entertaining because of everything bad about Stone: visually hyperbolic, self-righteous and preachy…generally as subtle as a bull in a head shop.

    This one, it feels like the self-righteousness isn’t there. Is that it; He isn’t invested enough to push it into being entertaining in spite of itself?

  7. Great thought, Bobby. That may now take second place on my list of possible disappointments. Not the number 1 concern I have, however.

  8. Deek Langoustine

    Maybe we should have a bad film review. Films so bad that you have to see them eg. Cocktail, anything with Hugh Grant etc.

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

    This just provides more anti-immigration and anti-Latino fuel for the fire in this political season that already seems too long and het-up. Geez, there’s probably some free health care for drug dealers thrown in just to make things fun.

  10. Then it has to be that since it is a current day movie, Oliver doesn’t get to dig into his huge trunk of bad 1960s-1970s wigs to accurately reflect the times.

  11. It looks like there is a real Pulp Fiction vibe going on, but it’s getting good reviews.

    Cut Copy is on the soundtrack, which is OK by me, and there is evidently a remake by Jeff Lynne of Do Ya.

  12. DING DING DING! No wigs, no glue-on facial hair, from what I can tell. He actually hired Benicio Del Toro, an actor capable of making the commitment to growing his hair out and grow a mustache.

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    Hugh Grant provides some entertainment.

  14. Oh, I think I spotted a few wigs in that trailer!

  15. I’ve gotta say, the Falsetto vs Low Harmony poll is running closer than I expected.

  16. BigSteve

    Poll pince nez: Technically I believe Difford’s vocal lines are not harmonies. He sings in unison, an octave below Tilbrook.

  17. Ooh, that may be a first!

  18. A little late to this one, but it looks like Stone is back making those hard, immoral crime thrillers without so much political nonsense. Hopefully it comes in closer to “U Turn” than “Natural Born Killers”.

  19. alexmagic

    I can now confirm that there IS a wig in the movie.

  20. How about mustaches and sideburns with glue drippings visible on an actor’s face?

  21. alexmagic

    No. As you say, Del Toro actaully brings his own moustache to the party.

    One key wig aside, the closest you get to prime JFK-era fake Stone hair in this one is Travolta’s spray-on buzzcut, which never even has the decency to drip down his face in the California sun..

  22. Philly-area Townspeeps, I heard that early ’90s rockabilly impressario Red Burns died. I never really knew the guy or much about the scene he seemed to have organized, but that’s a shame.

  23. Nice piece by Wreckless Eric on his blog, about Lol Coxhill, a legendary UK underground musician I’ve long heard about but had not yet caught up with before he died.


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