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No, not the dancer in this video, silly, but the following musicians, either in their recently aged state or presented in cropped fashion from an iconic photograph from their prime! Are you ready? Let’s start with a relatively simple one to give you confidence. Most likely no clues are needed:

#1: Who is this distinguished, cheerful, award-winning veteran rocker?

 Easy enough, right? Let’s try some more. Foot fetishists beware of our next photo!


  45 Responses to “Who Is It?”

  1. BigSteve

    #3 is Dave Pirner, right?

  2. Yeah, without his rat’s nest I am still really thrown off!

  3. shawnkilroy

    Dr. Who
    Dave Davies

  4. Frampton, Pirner, Iggy, and Zander are correct. The others are innnnncorrect, although “Dr. Who” will keep me laughing through the day.

  5. What does it mean that not only did I also think #4 was Doctor Who, but I said to myself “That’s Jon Pertwee, the third doctor”?

  6. I’m afraid you’re gonna have to work out THAT issue on an even nerdier discussion blog:)

  7. alexmagic

    I was also hoping to score the first “#4 is Dr. Who” reference. I am perfectly happy to be in the same company as kilroy and Oats.

  8. trigmogigmo

    I recognized Frampton, “Shirtless Jim” Osterberg, and Zander right away. The last two because the album covers are so iconic that the little details stick in the brain. Hesitated on Pirner because the hair looks too clean.

    Was wondering if #2 was a Bangle foot walking Egyptian, but doesn’t seem familiar.

    #4 is a future Pete Townshend in the lead role of a Phil Spector biopic.

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    #2 is the foot of that chick with the long brown curly hair, in the knee-length hippie-print dress, that Mod has a huge crush on. I can’t remember her name, but she’s appeared here before.

  10. hrrundivbakshi

    #4 is a member of Slade, isn’t it? Noddy Holder? I don’t know why I know that!

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    #5: Allan Holdsworth?

  12. That number four is a stunner. I MUST know who that is….


  13. YES! I have an even greater appreciation for his Look as he’s managed its aging process.

  14. No, but good guess judging by the guitar he’s holding.

  15. You have identified the foot, but I need her name.

  16. cliff sovinsanity

    Is #5 Spencer Davis ???

  17. No, but that’s closer than Holdsworth.

  18. I got only # 6 & 7 before reading the comments. Good work on #3, since I we were just discussing Pirner without his rat-hair. I thought #4 was the cryogenically unfrozen head of Gene Wilder and #5 was Dave Davies.

    Could #5 be Steve Howe?

  19. Nope, not Steve Howe. Dave Davies was a good guess, but also incorrect. When I feel there’s a need for hints beyond my description in the piece I’ll provide them.

  20. cliff sovinsanity

    Just so we’re clear, it is not Adrian Belew. No?

  21. cliff sovinsanity

    #5, not the foot.

  22. Not sure how iconic it is, but the foot belongs to Nicolette Larson.

  23. Nope, but an interesting guess.

  24. So we’re left with #5, a musician who’s proven himself as both a band leader and a key supporting musician…

  25. cherguevara

    I was going to guess Robby Kreigler, but I guess he doesn’t fit the above criteria of band leader.

  26. ladymisskirroyale

    #5 – A smiling Geddy Lee?

  27. BigSteve

    Did #5 come up in the red-head thread?

  28. No, re: both Geddy and redheads. In his prime, this musician was a brunette – and he wasn’t the sort to be photographed in sunglasses or holding a pointy guitar. There have been two guesses so far that are in the ballpark. My original clue in the thread is so apt that you’ll be kicking yourself if I need to reveal him before anyone guesses! BTW, I’ll be playing a song each by both The Spencer Davis Group and this gent’s original band on this Saturday’s special dance party edition of Saturday Night Shut-In: our Shakedown, live from Atlantic City’s newest hotspot, Urges!

  29. Pete Best?

  30. No, Frank, but you’ve got the right extended musical family!

  31. mockcarr

    Noel Redding?

  32. I got number 5.

  33. Although I didn’t know he was the leader of that first band.

  34. His name rhymes with the title of a song by one of his former bosses.

  35. ladymisskirroyale

    Lady Miss is in the shower, so I (her husband) am gonna step in here and let you all know #5 rhymes with “Penny Lane”, hint, hint.

  36. cherguevara

    Whoah, I totally did not recognize him!

  37. mockcarr

    He looks much taller in the picture.

  38. cherguevara

    You’re wrong, that’s not D Boon.

  39. Bravo, cdm and Mr. Royale!

  40. trigmogigmo

    Aha…. I never would have guessed #5. I was going to take a stab with a clean shaven Steve Cropper, though as with #5 the guitar doesn’t seem to fit.

  41. pudman13

    I can’t believe I know this, and I don’t even own the album, but #2 is Nicolette Larson

  42. And who was it who said that foot wasn’t iconic?

  43. misterioso

    It hurts me to say that I didn’t recognize the foot, but, dammit, I’m man enough to say how much I’ve always loved her version of Lotta Love! Are you with me on this, Mod? I gotta think so.

  44. HIGH FIVE, misterioso!

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