Jan 112014

This performance of “Let It Ride” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive makes me hungry! I can’t help but think of eating a big steak dinner. Every member of the band has spectacular Look that suggests Big Steak Dinner. In fact, I’m about to cook up some beef tacos to at least partially satisfy my hunger.

If given the choice to feast on the members of ZZ Top or the members of BTO, which band would you eat?

Remember the old cartoon trick, where the hunter looks at the hunted and sees the image of a fresh, steaming steak in the place of the hunted’s face? That’s how I feel as I watch this clip—and I’ve watched it a half dozen times already.

Try watching this clip and describe which member of BTO is most appetizing. Please be descriptive, because I can never keep straight which guy is Bachman, which is Turner, and which is Overdrive.

I look forward to your comments dinner!

If given the choice to feast on the members of ZZ Top or the members of BTO, which band would you eat?

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  7 Responses to “Who’s the Most Appetizing Member of Bachman-Turner Overdrive?”

  1. Mod, didn’t you use the term “beefy rock” to describe BTO earlier? (A search for “beefy” does not confirm this.)

    Of course BTO would be a better meal but The Guess Who would be better; a delicious, cruelty-free veal chop.

  2. Ah, I think you’re right. I can be pathetically consistent.

  3. Bronzed Nordic God

    As to which one to eat, that depends on what’s for dinner. The lead singer and bearded guitarist look like they have some quality marbling on them and would make tasty steaks. However, what I really feel like right now in this winter weather is some good Yankee Pot Roast. For that, I’m going with the drummer. He is clearly the most athletic of the band and probably has some collagen that would slowly break down in the crock pot. The lead guitarist looks kinda gamey so I have no cooking plans for him.

    As to whether I’d eat BTO or ZZ Top, there is no question. ZZ Top shared the stage with livestock and they are probably teeming with Salmonella and mad cow prions. BTO is definitely a safer choice.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    Post of the week, in response to the thread of the year!

  5. Yeah, this comment was singled out in our anniversary edition of SNSI.

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