Apr 092020


  12 Responses to “You can’t re-start RTH without this!”

  1. In seeking out some tracks and an entire album by Jefferson Airplane last night, I came across an album by another SF band I’d always heard about but never heard, Sons of Champlin. The album I stumbled across is called Follow Your Heart. After checking it out last night, I’m tempted to say that I’ve finally found a SF band I can sink my teeth into: really soulful singing, nice ensemble playing, little of the melodrama that has always bogged me down with Jefferson Airplane. Along with the title track, I was impressed by “Children Know,” “Before You Right Now,” “Hey Children,” and “Child Continued.”

  2. Should things get any worse, know that these are the songs that come closest to what I consider perfection:1) Please, Please Me, 2) You Can’t Do That, 3) I’m Down 4) Here, There, Everywhere, 5) I’m Only Sleeping, 6) She Said She Said, 6) Eleanor Rigby,7) And Your Bird Can Sing, 8) Taxman, 9) Paperback Writer, and 10) Rain.

    Yeah, I know, they’re all Beatles tracks, but in the end, when all pretension and concern of what anyone else thinks is gone, no other group comes even close. No other group has a stronger overall personality (all the members showed themselves to be continually engaging), song catalog, look over the years, and most importantly, story

    All, and especially Geo, know that I’m looking forward to hearing about your 10 bullseyes.

    ….And if you hear anything definite about the new episode of Tiger King’s airing date, I’d like to hear about that as well.

  3. Rather than focus on any 10 bullseyes, I’d rather focus on your “should things get any worse” scenario, EPG. Should I suddenly die, my wife has been given instructions on how to handle a number of musical matters:

    – Who inherits my records; who cannot, under any circumstances
    – Who gets dibs on my instruments
    – Who takes responsibility for managing any unfinished recordings or bits and pieces of songs that I leave behind…and who cannot, under any circumstances (no “Free as a Bird” shit, regardless, whoever is tasked with this sacred covenant)
    – What song you have to sit through before anyone can leave the meeting house; it’s a long one, and I am not sure you like it, EPG, but if there’s no other value in my eventual death, I hope it’s you finding beauty in the song I have planned.

  4. I’d much rather focus on the 10 bullseyes and steer clear of the morbidity.

    That said, if your choice is one of those Fairport Convention Moby Dick length workouts like “I’ll Keep It With Mine”,”Percy’s Song”, or “Tam Lin”, that’s more than fine with me. I love that stuff.

  5. I’m guessing it’s Glenn Branca’s “The Ascension.”

  6. No, geo, but you are right that I LOVE that one! Even dead, I wouldn’t subject my loved ones to that. It’s a better-known, more gentle, if hypnotically repetitive album-side closer that I have in mind, specifically the album version, which one can imagine never actually ends.

  7. I didn’t really think it was that, but the promise of subjecting EPG to that was too tempting.

  8. I’d rather have somebody ram bamboo shoots underneath my toenails than listen to that thing.

  9. THANK YOU MR MOD! Now it feels like RTH again!

  10. cherguevara

    I think this somehow deserves discussion:

    The URL tells the story. I’m sure there are several facets of this to discuss, but it’s Springsteen’s facial hair that draws my attention. Also, never understood the pronunciation of “turning” as “toinin” in Proud Mary.

    As you were.

  11. Thank YOU, andyr, for signaling that blessing.

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