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  17 Responses to “Your Moment of Douchebag”

  1. Funny, I was just thinking of this guy the other day. Some TV or movie actor came to mind, the kind of actor it seems we cannot get away from. Someone who has contributed nothing of value to the culture yet who maintains his or her place in the industry. I wish I could remember who it was. Nevertheless, I was thinking about crafting a Rock ‘n Roll’s Like Toilet Paper Stuck to Your Shoe thread, along a similar line. I was wondering who might fit the bill for the music-world equivalent of this actor. Navarro was the first musician to come to mind!

  2. sammymaudlin

    C’mon man! I just woke up…Ewwwww…

  3. Put horns on him and he would look like El Diablo.

  4. Albert Brooks‏@AlbertBrooks tweets:

    Convenience store owner: “May I help you?” Randy Travis: “I’ll have some pants.”

  5. Did anyone else ever watch “Z Rock” on IFC? It was a short-lived 1/2 hour comedy show about a 3 piece heavy (ish) rock band that was a kid’s band during the day. It was a mildly funny and sweet show.

    Navarro did a funny turn on the show as himself. He was hired to direct their video, and he was a complete dick. Funny scene with him bawling out a little kid. I’ve cut him some slack for that.

  6. Please excuse my ignorance. I don’t recognize this douchbag. Please tell me who he is. Or else I will never sleep again!!! So I become an insomniac its your fault!!! Seriously who is he?

  7. Out of respect for you I will answer, but I wish I could help you preserve your ignorance. It’s Dave Navarro, originally of Jane’s Addiction.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    So, just to play dumb blond/devil’s advocate here, WHAT is it about Navarro you dislike? He looks rather bewitching in that photo and that first JA’s album is pretty solid.

  9. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t stand Jane’s Addiction beside “Been Caught Stealing,” which may be the greatest song by a band I otherwise can’t stand. That whole tattooed love boys scene that they seemed to have ushered in never was and still isn’t my thing. Icky!

    Since then, Navarro’s just been this presence that I don’t get. He’s like a poor man’s Slash. I still have a hard enough time getting Slash.

    Navarro’s backstory aside, my wife long ago made a wise observation that I think applies. She once saw some guy with beautiful, beautifully kept hair and said, “I know he’s good looking, but I never trust a guy whose hair is better conditioned than mine.” (The “mine” being hers in this quote.) I think that may be at the heart of HVB’s post.

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    Maybe his hair has had some work done.

  11. If only we’d had file sharing and mp3s in the late 80s/early 90s, we could have all stolen Jane’s Addiction’s albums and they could have stayed poor and interesting. They might be the definitive example of a good band that cashed in their cred for douchebaggery as soon as the money started rolling in.

    If a job existed where I got to slap Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro in the face 40 hours a week for the rest of my life, I’d take minimum wage to do it, so important would such work be.

    Mr. Mod: check this one out. From back when they were good.

  12. misterioso

    I’m with you, sourbob, right up to the “back when they were good” part. But if you ever get that job, do let us know.

  13. The nadir of his insufferability for me was his hosting gig on that “Replace Michael Hutchence” show and his insipid and wretched questioning of the contestants. There is nothing deep or monutmentally important about karaoke-ing “This Time.”


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