Oct 102013

Don’t pay any attention to that little squirt Fred Savage! The All-Star Jam is the place to do your own thing. Show Savage how it’s done.


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  1. cherguevarra

    This is amusing:


    “Dull” stories of meeting/seeing pop stars.

    • cherguevarra

      This is my favorite so far:

      “Nigel Godrich explained air travel to me.”

      My friend and I managed to get into a “secret” Beck gig in LA in 2007, and Nigel Godrich walked out onstage and played keyboards throughout the set.

      I spotted him outside afterwards, and I tapped him on the shoulder. I told him it was a great show, and that I’d been shocked to see him there.

      “I thought it was you,” I said, “but at the same time I was like, wait, it can’t be him, he’s in England.”

      “I took a plane,” Nigel replied.

      “Oh,” I said.

      I demanded he and Radiohead get on the stick and produce another webcast, then we shook hands and parted. My parents picked me up, and I got a filet-o-fish sandwich at McDonald’s.

    • I liked the Feargal Sharkey one. There were a couple of “lift” (elevator) stories. I was reminded of the time our band rode an elevator with the Ramones. They seemed really dumb, like dumb enough that they would need help wiping their own asses.

    • Very cool — my favorite so far re: Steven Tyler

      During Aerosmith’s Pink tour, my friends and I walked past him and Joe Perry sitting outside of their hotel, in Birmingham, Michigan. They autographed our t-shirts and Steven gave me his unopened bottle of Evian water (I don’t know why).

      I kept it in my fridge for a year until one day my dad drank it. I was mad.

    • ladymisskirroyale


      I could add: “I watched Dave Matthews buy socks with his kids.”

      “I thought the drummer of Pavement was a homeless guy and ignored him while he offered up a needle and thread to stitch up the holes in my husband’s pants.”

      It’s unfortunate that I recall these very unexciting events quite clearly.

  2. So has anyone else heard Alex Chilton’s newly-released album? It’s a live show that he did by candlelight after the electricity went out in the venue.

  3. cherguevarra

    Guitar nerds, here’s Dave Davie’s stage setup from 1964:


  4. BigSteve

    Here is a really long interview with Joni Mitchell done this summer. My NPR station started getting that Q program, and I heard some of it there. I didn’t know there was a video version.


    She is one contrary person.

  5. […] Partridge, in which he calls our upstanding community a nasty name. If that wasn’t enough, little Fred Savage gave us the finger. That’s just the half of it, just the pain I find fit for public consumption. Nobody told me […]

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Mod, I know you must have seen this, but just in case:


    • I’ve seen a variation on that. I love it! Just yesterday I was telling sammy about a failed photo shoot our band did in hopes of capturing a sepia-tone, fish-eye lens group shot around which to build a Band s/t-cum-Safe as Milk album cover for Traps, Buckshot & Pelt. No matter how many fine photos our friend took in that style, it was still us in the frame. We switched gears and went with a Music From Big Pink-inspired cover instead.

  7. Did anyone else know this little fact I just learned – the song “Oh How Happy (You Have Made Me)” by Shades Of Blue (a staple on WFIL & WIBG back in my youth) was written by Edwin Starr?

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