Oct 102013

Don’t pay any attention to that little squirt Fred Savage! The All-Star Jam is the place to do your own thing. Show Savage how it’s done.


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  1. cherguevara

    This is amusing:


    “Dull” stories of meeting/seeing pop stars.

  2. cherguevara

    This is my favorite so far:

    “Nigel Godrich explained air travel to me.”

    My friend and I managed to get into a “secret” Beck gig in LA in 2007, and Nigel Godrich walked out onstage and played keyboards throughout the set.

    I spotted him outside afterwards, and I tapped him on the shoulder. I told him it was a great show, and that I’d been shocked to see him there.

    “I thought it was you,” I said, “but at the same time I was like, wait, it can’t be him, he’s in England.”

    “I took a plane,” Nigel replied.

    “Oh,” I said.

    I demanded he and Radiohead get on the stick and produce another webcast, then we shook hands and parted. My parents picked me up, and I got a filet-o-fish sandwich at McDonald’s.

  3. I liked the Feargal Sharkey one. There were a couple of “lift” (elevator) stories. I was reminded of the time our band rode an elevator with the Ramones. They seemed really dumb, like dumb enough that they would need help wiping their own asses.

  4. cherguevara

    Here’s another link: Ikea product or death metal band quiz:


  5. misterioso


  6. Very cool — my favorite so far re: Steven Tyler

    During Aerosmith’s Pink tour, my friends and I walked past him and Joe Perry sitting outside of their hotel, in Birmingham, Michigan. They autographed our t-shirts and Steven gave me his unopened bottle of Evian water (I don’t know why).

    I kept it in my fridge for a year until one day my dad drank it. I was mad.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Where do you find this stuff?

  8. ladymisskirroyale


    I could add: “I watched Dave Matthews buy socks with his kids.”

    “I thought the drummer of Pavement was a homeless guy and ignored him while he offered up a needle and thread to stitch up the holes in my husband’s pants.”

    It’s unfortunate that I recall these very unexciting events quite clearly.

  9. cherguevara


  10. So has anyone else heard Alex Chilton’s newly-released album? It’s a live show that he did by candlelight after the electricity went out in the venue.

  11. I have not heard this. How is it? I guess it’s acoustic. Is he solo?

  12. cherguevara

    Guitar nerds, here’s Dave Davie’s stage setup from 1964:


  13. BigSteve

    Here is a really long interview with Joni Mitchell done this summer. My NPR station started getting that Q program, and I heard some of it there. I didn’t know there was a video version.


    She is one contrary person.

  14. I really like it. As you’d expect, the sound quality’s really bad, but that’s kind of endearing. He does (I think) all covers, including “I Walk the Line”, “If I Had a Hammer”, and “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”.

    It’s just him and a drummer.

  15. hrrundivbakshi

    Mod, I know you must have seen this, but just in case:


  16. I’ve seen a variation on that. I love it! Just yesterday I was telling sammy about a failed photo shoot our band did in hopes of capturing a sepia-tone, fish-eye lens group shot around which to build a Band s/t-cum-Safe as Milk album cover for Traps, Buckshot & Pelt. No matter how many fine photos our friend took in that style, it was still us in the frame. We switched gears and went with a Music From Big Pink-inspired cover instead.

  17. Did anyone else know this little fact I just learned – the song “Oh How Happy (You Have Made Me)” by Shades Of Blue (a staple on WFIL & WIBG back in my youth) was written by Edwin Starr?

  18. I did not know that! Plus, I guess I didn’t know who the artist is behind that song. I thought it was the Edward Hawkins Singers, or a band with a name along those lines. I love that song.

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