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The mullet. The worst haircut of all time. What excuse can be made for sporting this atrocity? And on a Beatle, no less! I ask you: Is this the worst look ever sported by any Beatle, at any point in time? Was this a cool, cutting-edge look on Macca, before it filtered into the general population? Combining the mullet with the sleazy mustache brings the look down even further. I’m thinking, as far as Beatle looks goes, this is the bottom, the worst.

My goal here, however, is to be wrong. Can you find a photo of a Beatle sporting a worse hairdo than this? Can we, once and for all, determine the worst-ever style on John, Paul, George or Ringo?


  38 Responses to “Once and for All: Bad Beatle Looks”

  1. I can’t believe we’ve never determined the answer to this important question…once and for all! As bad at that McCartney Look is, that’s a shag hairdo, not a mullet. Slight difference. Without the bad mustache, that shag got Paul a lot of mileage through the mid-’70s.

    I proposed George Harrison’s late-’70s perm era for this dishonor. He looked like a cheesy Greek nightclub owner…not that there’s anything wrong with Greeks or nightclub owners…

  2. tonyola

    The greasy-looking, long limp hair. The little (fake?) mustache. These were “featured” on Paul’s “Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance” routine on his 1973 TV special. Awful.


  3. cherguevarra

    Wow, that TV show look is bad! Macca is definitely the worst offender, but that Harrison shot is a solid entry as well. I can’t find a photo of Ringo looking absurd – maybe he had always maintained a natural coolness.

  4. Yeah, I also haven’t come up with a Ringo contender yet. John’s so cool that he could usually overcome any bad Look he might have ventured into, even the sleeveless t-shirt he wears in those I Love New York poses. However, while not as bad as the Paul and George contenders, this is a bad Look, reminding me of Darryl (pronounced “Da-RILL”) from Kids in the Hall.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    As misguided as Macca was for his multi-year fascination with the rooster-mullet, at least it was clean most of the time. I think all four of the Beatles needed to be dragged into a shower for much of 1968-69. The portrait shots inside the White Album are all smelly-looking.

  6. BigSteve

    Remember when George went totally 80s?


  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Ringo’s ‘do in this one isn’t quite as full and luscious as George’s Greek Diner look. I don’t care for Ringo’s mix of curls-like-a-poodle on top, and straight my-perm-is-growing-out sides.

  8. saturnismine

    Of all the Beatles, Ringo has had the most bad looks.

    But John’s “elder statesman of rock” look, seen here:


    …might be the second worst (next to that picture of Paul up there…my GOD!).

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