Sep 242012

Don't show me no more, please.

I never walked in on my parents having sex, but for those who have I understand the experience fell under the category of Stuff I Wish I’d Never Seen. I never watched a “snuff” film or saw Bud Dwyer, that disgraced Pennsylvania politician from the ’80s, pull the trigger on himself at a live televised press conference, but I would think those experiences would have also fallen into that category.

Every once in a while I’m surfing YouTube and I come across something I think looks interesting, like Joe Strummer covering “Walk on the Wild Side.” I excitedly hit PLAY, then I think, Man, this falls under stuff I wish I’d never seen.

Just now I came across a clip that I knew had to be bad, but considering how much I love The Temptations, I wish I’d never seen it…after the jump.

What’s some rock stuff involving artist you love that you wish you’d never seen?


  12 Responses to “Rock Stuff I Wish I’d Never Seen”

  1. Suburban kid

    Why did I press play on the Strummer one? I only made it through the first line…

  2. I was talking with a buddy over the weekend about bad solo records by band members we usually like. He brought up Roger Daltrey’s “Ride A Rock Horse,” which I had never heard. Of course, I went to YouTube and wish I’d never seen this:

  3. Slim Jade

    I know it’s a cheap shot to bring Shatner into this, and there might be those who are glad they saw this, but:

  4. ladymisskirroyale

    I hate saying this as I feel that I’m betraying rock women out there, but I wish I’d never seen Heart after Ann’s dress size increased a few. I’d seen them younger (and svelter) but to see her several years later and try to match one of my favorite voices to the lady I was seeing on stage was a bit of a shock.

    I’m guessing that if a few of you gents would admit to feeling less “inspired” by the music once you saw what a female artist looked like.

  5. I was never comfortable when Pete Townshend pulled his hair back into a pony-tail.


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