Feb 052011

Sounds of the Hall in roughly 33 1/3 minutes!

This very special Thrifty Music edition of Saturday Night Shut-In is manned—and I do mean manned—by founding one of our founding Townspeople, Hrrundivbakshi! Fans of HVB’s Thrifty Music series have long appreciated the man’s trash-picking accumen. Tonight we get to hear a pile of his recently recovered gems the way they were meant to be heard: TOTALLY LIVE, OCCASIONALLY SCRATCHY, AND MOSTLY DEVOID OF NERDY BACKSTORY. Listen to the music.

Mr. Mod’s been telling you since the beginning of this audio feature that we’d be hearing episodes hosted by your favorite Townspeople and friends of the Hall. Tonight he finally makes good on this promise, so lay off his case, OK? Now why don’t you sit back, press PLAY, and crank up the speakers for the next 33 1/3 minutes or so, taking a guided tour through the refuse of our nation’s capital and surrounding towns with guest host Hrrundivbakshi!

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  33 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-in: Thrifty Music Edition!”

  1. I’m not having any luck finding this podcast on i-tunes. I’ve listened on line before, but I’d like to have it coming through i-tunes like the rest of my podcasts. What is the secret search word?

  2. So what’s the story on The In Crowd and that “Hanging From Your Loving Tree” song? That’s a cool song that could be covered from a few worthwhile angles.

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    Next time out, I’ll post the flip side, called “Let’s Take a Walk.” It’s a winner, too. I might even like it better. Here’s the sad back story behind — well, I guess not the In Crowd per se, but an affiliated artist:


    (Scroll down to the second story on “Jon & Robin”)

  4. mockcarr

    Top notch stuff, Mr. Bakshi. Love that line “I need the numbers of the girls in your town” in that Information song; man, even I’ve never been that desperate. Sounds like one the Monkees could have rocked.

    I hope somewhere, somehow, Do The Thing can still inspire folks to jing-a-ling. As Christmas TV Special history teaches us, Santa is the king of jing-a-ling, but it would be truly sad if it were merely a seasonal idea.

  5. 2000 Man

    Great show, HVB! I especially liked that guitar solo on the one 78 song (I think the middle one?). How did he get that sound, I wonder? I’m pretty sure it’s a lost art to make a guitar do that without all kinds of modern effects. That show was a lot of fun.

    • hrrundivbakshi

      2000 Man, you are dead on with that guitar solo observation. The first time I spun that platter, I had to lunge for the needle to make sure I had heard what I thought I heard. Talk about tone!

      The guitar nerd in me answers your question thusly: to me, it sounds like a typical, tiny tube amp of the day — with, like, an 8″ speaker in it, turned all the way up. Maybe a Telecaster on rhythm pickup blasting away. It’s a beautifully unexpected thing, isn’t it?

  6. BigSteve

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I love bubblegum, and The In Crowd has got it goin’ on. ‘Hanging from your loving tree’ is such a great metaphor, for what I don’t exactly know. Loved the Merle cast-offs. The SWAT theme was groovy too.

    Great radio, I mean podcast, voice btw.

    • hrrundivbakshi

      Thanks, BigSteve, Mockcarr, and others who said such nice things about this collection. I’ll be honest: it wasn’t curated as obsessively as I planned. Various technical issues prevented me from culling my vast library of trashy music — so these tunes came right out of my last few weeks of thrifting. Future episodes should be even better.

      Oh, and I feel moved to comment: this was not recorded at the studio, so it suffers a bit from home recording-itis. Please don’t judge my engineering too harshly!

  7. HVB wrote:

    Future episodes…

    Now THAT’S what I like to read!

    Then he wrote:

    …this was not recorded at the studio, so it suffers a bit from home recording-itis…


    It sounded fine, man. It sounded great! Your first Thrifty Music edition sounded by The People for The People. I urge others who are considering hosting a future Saturday Night Shut-In (contact me, if you are interested) to strike this worry of our perfectionist friend from your consciousness and do what you can do, do what you feel is worth sharing.

    Seriously, hrrundi, thanks for taking the plunge and keep ’em coming – even if they eventually reach your high standards of PERFECTION:)

  8. Hrundi (“The Party,” by the way, is my favorite movie that can’t be shown on TV anymore due to PC considerations) –

    Any chance a brother can get an mp3 of the Alan song “Information” and its flip, “See Susie Run?” I’m doing a research project on Alan Burn and the Tuesday label – Alan’s from my hometown in southern Maine, and I suspect that Tuesday was his own label. He put out a couple other singles that I know of and wrote a few others for other Tuesday artists…


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