Mar 092010

Word is that Ace Frehley takes umbrage with my characterization of him as the KISS member who most benefited from makeup. His people report that he especially objects to my insinuations that he was once the most cowardly member of the band.

To refute insinuations of Frehley’s timid place within KISS, we have been provided with video record of the band’s appearance on Tom Snyder‘s Tomorrow show, an appearance on which Ace showed the night owls of the world who had the biggest personality in rock’s most supersized band.

Note how Ace distracts from the serious legacy building that Gene Simmons was working to construct. You know Gene’s thinking it’s time to devise a new character/band member.


  5 Responses to “Ace Frehley Ain’t No Coward (or Was That Dutch Courage?)”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Man, if made-up looks could kill, Gene would be in jail for what he does to Ace in this interview. Mind you, the Spaceman was probably coked out of his gourd.

  2. bostonhistorian

    Ace Frehley is still alive?

  3. 2000 Man

    I only had time for the first one, but that was hilarious. Ace is like Ronnie Wood, but you can understand him when he talks.

  4. It was a pleasure to see Ace, and to a lesser extent, Paul and Peter screw up Gene’s dour, overbearing Kiss-Schtick. Ansd then Tom Snyder calls him “George”. Precious.

  5. “The right notes and the right Timber” Gene, you tool.

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