Nov 122010

You’re not Two Cool to tell us what’s on your mind, are you? Let’s kick it out Philly Big Hair style. Philly Townspeeps take note: that stylin’ Two Cool guy “Tony” is future cheesesteak impressario and budding movie extra Tony Luke. Tony hasn’t given up the music bug!


  11 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Just saw a great album title. The band’s name is Cheese and the album is – Let It Brie.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    It’s at times like this that I really want to join Mod’s No-Humor-In-Rock team.

  3. cherguevara

    Remember the band “Lava Love,” with their album “Whole Lava Love?” Saw them at JC Dobb’s back in the day.


    Can somebody explain something to me? Kanye West makes this statement that Coldplay will eventually be regarded as being better than the Beatles. Now, I don’t care to debate this or to give you my thoughts on why Coldplay irritate me. What I want to know is: How did Coldplay get the cachet of being *the* rock band of choice for hip-hop guys?

    I mean, I know I like some seriously wussy music, I can’t deny that. But at least I think there are some songwriting brainiacs staring at their navels at my musical pity-party.

    When Jay Z and Kanye think, “hey, I’m in the mood for some milquetoast music with juvenile lyrics and falsetto crooning,” they think Coldplay? What is this? Why? Shouldn’t they be digging Wolfmother or something with some balls? Coldplay? Really?

    Wouldn’t that be like Henry Rollins saying, “you know that “Get Jiggy With It” is better than “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos?” This is not really a subjective statement!

    Coldplay, deep music for the hip hop crowd. Explain.

  4. alexmagic

    I can’t explain it either, but it is a phenomenon that I find fascinating/troubling. How is it that very talented hip hop producers and performers, who clearly have a sense of good music, know how to create great songs and albums and have shown fine taste in choosing samples, often have such shitty taste in rock or pop acts?

    It’s not just Coldplay: Jay-Z has worked with Linkin Park, Kanye has used the dude from Maroon 5, Korn used to be a popular guest.

    To be fair, I’m sure there are plenty of examples of otherwise talented rockers who have brought in shitty rappers for poorly planned guest appearances. But I’m probably biased as a Blur/Damon Albarn fan due to his solid track record of working with Del, MF Doom, De La Soul and others.

    Then there’s a guy like Santana. Not that the “talented” applies here, but it’s still kind of funny that he’s managed to work with people who have things to bring to the table like Lauryn Hill and Cee-Lo on the hip hop side, but his roster of guest stars on the rock side include an Inverted Murderers Row of Dave Matthews, Steven Tyler and the dopes from Nickelback and Matchbox 20. More charges for Santana’s inevitable rock crimes trial?

  5. Not to offend anyone, but what little I know of Kanye West tells me he’s mainly interested in appealing to white people, and who better to win favor with among really white people than Coldplay? They make Dave Matthews Band seem like Mandrill.

  6. cherguevara

    As if on cue, I saw an ad for an awards show which will feature Sanatana with…. Gavin Rossdale?

    Santana Scores Again With His Style

    “It’s a real blessing that I was able to work with such amazing artists – from Yo-Yo Ma to Nas,” he added. “I watched Gavin Rossdale [a member of British rock band Bush] become someone like I had known from Jim Morrison and the Doors. I mean, in front of me, he just became like this shaman. He inspired me to do different things in the way I play the guitar.”

  7. alexmagic

    “I watched Gavin Rossdale become someone like I had known from Jim Morrison and the Doors. I mean, in front of me, he just became like this shaman.”

    So does Santana not remember which member of “Jim Morrison & The Doors” was the one who did the whole shaman thing, so he just mentions the whole band to cover himself? I think having him compare Morrison to Gavin Rossdale means we could convince Manzarek to cooperate with authorities to run a sting operation to bring Santana in. Would we be willing to give Ray a lesser sentence for his Rock Crimes if it meant finally getting Santana in custody to face justice?

  8. Yes! Ray Manzarek: Bounty Hunter.

  9. cherguevara

    That’s a RTH musical waiting to happen, right there.

  10. jeangray

    Most mainstream Rap is consumed by white folks. I gots to give Kanye props for sampling King Crimson on one of his recent singles.

  11. alexmagic

    Tying into another current thread, I think he should apply for a Rock Grant and actually team up with Adrian Belew.

    A properly-motivated Kanye could make interesting use of Belew, who has both underrated and under-utilized pop skills to go along with the theatrical weirdness that West has indulged in over the last few years. And Kanye would probably wisely make Belew get a different haircut, so everyone would win.

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