Nov 102010

I’d never heard of Style Council‘s short film Jerusalem until the other day, when Townsman misterioso suggested that we see if we can’t say anything nice  about it. Because this is likely to be one of the most difficult assignments that I have ever faced, I won’t even begin to watch this 4-part series of YouTube clips until after I’ve launched the post. As some of you may recall, I have already found Style Council (and Paul Weller, in particular) guilty of Rock Crimes. This film can’t be good news for his parole officer, but I’ll be…nice

Here’s what had to say about this film:

The one that’ll leave you wondering the most, though, is ‘JerUSAlem’. Those who have seen it already will probably recall the slightly bewildering feeling one experiences when it’s viewed for the first time. Whilst I won’t admit to understanding it fully, visually it’s aged very well. The clips of the band roaring into the village square on their scooters still pleases, as do the performances of ‘It Didn’t Matter’ and ‘Heavens Above’ in particular. Whether you get it or not, it’s nice to own it and finally be able to pass judgement on it. It’s not brilliant, but it’s not entirely bad either.

Note how they manage to find something nice to say. Let’s see if we can’t follow their lead. Parts 2 through 4 follow…after the jump!

Part 2.

[Sadly, I am not finding Pt. 2 on YouTube. Certainly that would be chock full ‘0 nice bits! If anyone finds it for us, that would be…nice.]

Part 3.

Part 4.


  11 Responses to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About…Style Council’s Jerusalem

  1. The cinematography of the band playing on the windmill in Pt. 3 is…nice.

  2. They disbanded not long after this was released….which is nice.

  3. In related “Modfather” news:

    Good thing it’s for charity, because that paint job is hideous.

  4. shawnkilroy

    the reporter in the black leather dress is quite sexy.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    I’m always a fan — to a degree — of musical projects that fail because they tried to achieve too much. That always gets at least one point in my book. I mean, compare and contrast JerUSAlem with “KISS Meets the Phantom Of the Park.” They’re both terrible, but I submit the KISS TV movie sucks harder because it’s cheap, stupid and schlocky. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t have more so-bad-it’s-good charm. The Style Council turd at least *aims* for quality and cultural relevance, and I can appreciate that.

  6. misterioso

    Yeah, bummer about part 2–’cause that’s the part that is really, really great. I looooooove that part.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Absolutely Fabulous! A wonderful panache of cultural references and brilliant fashion. A most excellent reference of the social ills facing our beloved Albion. Worthy of many University of Sussex Cultural Studies dissertations! From the Richard E. Grant-style narration to the oh-so-slightly veiled references to other popular musicians of the period, this is one for the archives!

    And I, for one, was very pleased to see the Queen dancing with her subjects.

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    I also really liked the fake “band” interviewed in their teevee dressing room.

  9. Praise the wardrobe dept. The Councilleurs are appropriately attired for Yachting, the Steeplechase, Tea on the Green or whatever delights the day may hold.

    And good editing on part 3 appeared to end the segment on a cliffhanger. That was the only thing that moved me to watch part 4.

  10. bostonhistorian

    It doesn’t appear that any animals were harmed in the making of this movie….

  11. jeangray

    Paul plays awesome slap-bass parts on his strat!

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