Mar 072011

Stay hungry, my friends.


  11 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. My wife and I made beignets for breakfast. What an AWESOME way to start the day! Now I could use a nap.

  2. BigSteve

    Happy Mardi Gras, everyone. Mighteeeee-kooty-fiyo!

  3. Hey, real quick note: I’m trying to construct a feature ad for this new RTH product, the long-awaited GERMAN TRUE STEREO shirt. The shirt is now part of the rotating images in our Zazzle store, on the right side of our site, or you can view it here:

    This is the kind of thing sammymaudlin would typically do. We were waiting for the right moment to launch it. I’d say now is the time. All proceeds will go to his family to help offset medical costs.

    Let’s face it, if this shirt doesn’t attract fellow rock nerds nothing will!

  4. One more simple product that we were considering. Why not make it available now?

  5. BigSteve

    I’ll buy a few.

  6. Here’s a helpful tip for older folks like myself who are years behind the curve in their usage of iTunes. I often bemoan the fact that musical performances from the early days of SNL are scrubbed from YouTube as soon as they’re posted. I’ve long wanted to revisit The Band’s extended appearance on SNL’s first season – and The Rolling Stones’ appearance among others. This morning I stumbled across the ability to download individual full episodes of SNL for $1.99, saving me the trouble of buying some big-ass box set DVD that may or may not have what I want and will surely have lots I no longer care to see. So I just downloaded the 1976 episode hosted by Buck Henry and now, before dashing off to work, I can enjoy The Band in its Last Waltz glory, just the way I first saw them play live as a teenager. No one’s lip-synching, not even Robbie Robertson, when he sings 4 feet off mic. Yes!

  7. A really cool audio interview with Jim Dickinson, talking about the making of Big Star’s Sister Lovers.

  8. Does anyone have the ability to make me a ventriloquist’s dummy of Brian Wilson? I’d like to “assist” him in continuing to milk the Beach Boys’ legacy.

  9. misterioso

    Shouldn’t that question be directed towards Mike Love?

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