The Gay Doors

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Mar 072011

While watching a bit of American Idol the other night (not a regular occurrence in my house, but we do flip by) Brett Loewenstern did a very, um, interesting cover of The Doors’ “Light My Fire.” (Note: the actual singing begins around the 0:30 mark.)

For the rest of the evening, I kept mulling over other Doors tunes that could be done gay cabaret style. “People Are Strange” and “Backdoor Man,” obviously. You could reverse the Oedipal drama of the “The End” and, although I’m not sure how the rest of the song would work, The Gay Doors could go all Freddy Mercury dramatic on the Mr. Mojo Risin part of “LA Woman.” “LA Dragqueen,” anyone?

There are a few other examples of bands playing covers in an unlikely style. Dread Zeppelin and Lez Zeppelin as well as that group that re-records classic albums like Dark Side of the Moon and Sgt Pepper as reggae records. This is not always done as a joke, as in Seu Jorge’s Brazillian-flavored Bowie songs, featured in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zazou. He has more recently done a nice cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You.”

Can you think of any other bands ripe for this treatment? Or even a more complete setlist for The Gay Doors?


  11 Responses to “The Gay Doors”

  1. This sounds like a mission for General Slocum’s Big Mess Orchestra!

  2. My son, Seth, was a bunkmate of Brett Lowenstern at summer arts/music camp 2 years ago and said he was a total douche-bag and pissed off all of his bunkmates. This is from a boy who never has a bad word to say about anyone except Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly

  3. All I can say is dude looks like a cross between Geddy Lee and Steve Perry.

  4. Strange to see people you’ve met on Reality TV. A guy who lived across from us recently appeared on some cooking contest show.

  5. ladymisskirroyale

    I’ve gotta say that the Scissor Sisters version of Comfortably Numb is pretty great. It makes me shake my tush and I don’t really think that was the intent of the original.

  6. 2000 Man

    Maybe some guy could do “C’mon Now Touch Me, Gabe.”

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Personally, I’d like to see a gay version of “Break on Through.” I’m sure it’s been done by someone!

  8. and then there’s the luther wright and the wrongs version

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    2000 Dude, that shit was FUNNY!

  10. I thought of that one but couldn’t make it work on the level of “…Touch Me, Gabe”.

  11. mockcarr

    Break on through with some Astroglide.

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