Jun 152011

What makes you sentimental? Men in brightly colored slacks playing Maj7 chords get me every time!


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  1. tonyola

    I think what gets me is the spaniel-ears haircut he wore later on along with the receding hairline and shades.

    “Sentimental Lady” is a pretty bland song but I will say that most of the Fleetwood Mac albums he appeared on (Future Games through Mystery to Me in particular) were pretty decent. Maybe not as stirring as the Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood but pleasant listening nonetheless.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    What the heck show was this? Mick F on drums, Christine M on BU vox — huh?

  3. A cameraman tells his story of filming the return of Brian Wilson to the Beach Boys:


  4. They sound very under-rehearsed. Maybe the studio version is just so damn smooth that any live take is going to sound rough around the edges. This is a song that I like the studio production of much better than the actual song itself and this is proof. Mick looks pretty bored.

    I’d like to see this song done by a heavy group (Faith No More?) There was a band that did Summer Breeze as a 90’s grunge / thrash song that kinda worked. I’m sure my friends in Yacht Rock do this song.

  5. Totally! j2 just tuned me into this as well with his newsflash.

  6. Christine McVie gets me all nostalgic. I like some of her 2004 solo album “In the Meantime” She turns 68 next month!

  7. I had no idea Buffalo Springfield was actually reuniting and touring until Townsman plugdin sent me the following link:


    I’ll take Buffalo Springfield over any of their harmony-singing, Cali-based contemporaries.

  8. My wife was very surprised that I expressed zero interest in this tour. I explained that, of the band members, I only care for Neil and I’m not even that interested in seeing him at this point. If he brought back Crazy Horse, maybe. If I had a time machine and could go back to, say, 1976, then definitely.

  9. I am very excited about this show. I only know their Best Of LP (my dad played this all the time when I was a kid) and I just picked up their three studio releases. In a strange way it’s a “new” band for me since I am hearing most of this music (save the 10 songs on the best of) for the 1st time this week.

  10. misterioso

    I was never a big fan of Sentimental Lady. But Ebony Eyes, on the other hand…much better. Loving this clip (again, with portions of Fleetwood Mac dropping in), which I had never seen until a couple of minutes ago…


    All sorts of clips from Cal Jam 1&2 on youtube. Where’ve I been that I’ve never seen these?

    Mod’s hero Frank Marino played Cal Jam 2. Here he is, doing–go figure!–Purple Haze.


  11. BigSteve

    Folks here may be interested in an extensive interview with friend of the Hall Martin Belmont:


  12. Thanks for passing along that link. That was on my To Do list, but getting shoved back by old-fashioned work requests. Did you see that Andrew Bodnar, I believe, is in your profession? I smell a groundbreaking rock-librarian crossover interview, BigSteve, and you’re the man to do it! (Maybe our resident Rock Psychic will want to contribute as well.)

  13. BigSteve

    I did see that, but I don’t want to know about a library that won’t give one of its librarians a couple of days off to go play bass in New York.

  14. mockcarr

    Ray Davies makes me sentimental. Happy 67th, Ray. Here’s to having the longest birthday possible, I had a girlfriend like that.

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