Jun 162011

Young James

I’ll bet young Jimbo wished he’d found this MILF (don’t worry: this story is safe for work) next to him in his childhood bed! Can’t blame his ghost for trying to get back to where he once belonged…or was it his ghost?

Mad props to the lurking Townsman who alerted us to this story!


  4 Responses to ““Ghost” of Jim Morrison Attempts to Bed Virginian”

  1. tonyola

    I’ll probably have the misfortune of finding the ghost of Amy Winehouse in my bed. Oh wait, she’s still alive?

  2. Mod, I’m pretty sure you meant “GMILF”.

  3. At a glance I initially read the header as “Ghost of Jim Morrison Attempts to Bed Virgin” and assumed that the Afterlife must not be so different

  4. I never realized how many influential musicians died at the age of 27 as noted by the “MILF” link..

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