Dec 232011

Troubles, you say? Take me back to something you learned yesterday.


  13 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. trigmogigmo

    The day before yesterday, I was playing a certain greatest hits CD, when I heard a guitar chord that was … wait — Is that the RTH front page townsman-holding-the-stratocaster sound?! A quick comparison revealed it to be the very same sample. Awesome!! I will not spoil the surprise for anyone who has yet to make the connection. I will only say that if you want to be picky, the townsman is holding the wrong guitar!

    By the way, does that guy have a name?

  2. diskojoe

    Just wondering, Mr. Mod, if you ever did ge to see “Do It Again”. If not, that’s OK, have a Merry Chrimble & A Gear New Year to you & everyone else here.

  3. diskojoe

    Whhops, that should be “get”

    Whoops, that should be “Whoops”

  4. Eat Crowe:

    Pretty fair-balanced comments on music in movies from a guy who sometimes bugs the hell out of me.

  5. Townsman Mr. Clean and his band, Dead Milkmen, will be broadcasting live from WXPN at noon EST:

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    One of my favorite gift shops in SF always has some good cds and dvds to browse. I’ve had great luck there finding impromptu imported music or European films. I picked up “Generation Django” for Mr. Royale…and then found something I didn’t even know existed: “a-ha The Singles 1984-2004.” Not only does this record have the few hits I knew but those Norwegian boy toys kept creating other music, which my source affirmed me was actually good. My brother will get this gift, like it or not.

  7. trigmogigmo

    What shop is that? Might be good for a couple of people on my list.

  8. cliff sovinsanity

    Who are these people that fill arenas to see Trans Siberian Dogsled Orchestra shitty ass masturbatory holiday music crap-o-rama?

  9. trigmogigmo

    Maybe they’re like a weird version of Deadheads. From a Transsiberian show, they go to John Tesh at Red Rocks, then Yanni at the Acropolis or whatever.

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    Very Tin Tin heavy, good style, lots o’ Euro items, and the employees are great to talk with.

  11. The same people who go see Mannheim Roadscraper.

  12. trigmogigmo

    Thanks — cool store, nice people.

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