Dec 222011

You may have read this story about a guy who legally changed his name to Led Zeppelin II.

Have you met my friend, Led Zeppelin II?

This would not be my choice for a new name, but I respect Led’s decision. Like the author of the article, I was wondering if his son will be named Led Zeppelin III? He says the change made him a better person and improved his quality of life, so more power to him.

We have aliases here at Rock Town Hall, but I can’t recall anyone whose alias is an album title. If you were going to change your real-life name to an album title, which one would you choose?


  36 Responses to ““Electric Ladyland, table for two? Electric Ladyland?””

  1. tonyola

    Anyone for Lou Reed?

  2. mockcarr

    A religious woman might choose Abbey Road.

  3. BigSteve

    I had said before that I was going with Bongo Fury, but I’m keeping my options open.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    “Bat Chain Puller… paging Bat Chain Puller!”

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    I think I’d like to be referred to as Arthur, Or the Decline and Fall Of the British Empire. Either would be fine.

  6. cherguevara

    You could make your life an Abbot and Costello routine every day by changing your name to “Who are you.”

  7. cherguevara

    “your life” dangit.

  8. Sgt. Peppermint Petty

    “Greatest Hits” would be bold… though I’m leaning towards “I Robot” or maybe “Mystical Shit”?

  9. Welcome aboard, Sgt. Peppermint Petty! (Nice handle!) I was thinking about Greatest Hits for my name, but I’ll leave that one to you instead.

  10. I corrected your initial post.

  11. tonyola

    If I still did drugs, I’d want Captain Beyond or The Spotlight Kid.

  12. Call me Refried Boogie.

  13. Mister Mister, and unless you know me well, I’d prefer if you call me Mr. Mister Mister.

  14. misterioso

    [unpronounceable Prince symbol album]

  15. Captain Fantastic. My turd would be referred to as the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

  16. Happiness Stan

    You beat me to that one, but since you did, I’ll have to go with “Frank Sidebottom Salutes the Magic of Freddie Mercury and Queen and also Kylie Minogue, You Know, Her off Neighbours”

  17. I’m not sure how this would work for a name but I’ve always wanted a vanity license plate named after the 1st three Peter Gabriel albums. Nothing. No letters, numbers or symbols whatsoever.

    I’ve got to sign off for the holidays until around New Years. Happy holidays, Townspeople everywhere!

  18. 2000 Man

    Hahahaha!!!!!!!! That’s gonna crack me up all weekend!

  19. trigmogigmo

    “Joshua Tree” would be pretty easy to live with day to day compared to Led Zeppelin.

    But I rather like the sound of “Moss Elixir” or “Beat Crazy”.

  20. trigmogigmo

    The younger, less successful sibling of “Greatest Hits” would be named “Best Of”.

  21. cliff sovinsanity

    I Am The Cosmos…or if I was a chick it would be Dreamboat Annie.

  22. I like that!

    Have a great holiday getaway, k.

  23. BigSteve

    I’m thinking about changing my name again to Astral Weeks. My nickname would be As(s).

  24. ladymisskirroyale

    Love it and your formality.

  25. ladymisskirroyale

    Genius + Love
    (or Viva La Woman!)

  26. alexmagic

    “Oh, please, my father was Mister Mister, you can just call me Mister.”

  27. alexmagic

    Mark E. Moon

  28. cherguevara

    I replied to your correction.

  29. underthefloat

    “Platinum” might be the starlet daughter.

  30. underthefloat

    “John Wesley Harding”

  31. I’d go with “The smoker you drink the player you get”. It’s too fun not to.

  32. Chicago VIII

  33. All-time Favorites

  34. With that strategy you could really put a family together in a George Foreman fashion!

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