Apr 262012

Hey man, it’s cool: the All-Star Jam is for posting just about anything that interests you. Just stomp your foot, if you please.


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  1. Here’s a surely RTH-inspired site our friend Berlyant passed along to me that fans of our Lou Reed…As His Music Was Meant to Sound series may like:

  2. Every time I read about Gamble & Huff, I learn another song they wrote that I hadn’t realized they wrote and become more in awe of them. This time was a recent article in Mojo where I learned that Jerry Ross & Kenny Gamble wrote the great Supremes/Temptations duet smash “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” (originally written for Dee Dee Warwick).

    I wish I had enough time (or could find a source) to compare the number of songs they were responsible for compared to, say, Motown’s great songwriting teams. I’m thinking G&H would lead the pack.

    This article caused me to pull out Archie Bell & The Drells “There’s Gonna Be A Showdown” album of which I’ve written before. Gamble, Huff, Bell, & cohorts produced/wrote most of this. If there’s a better sweet soul album than this I haven’t heard it yet

  3. Pondering which is more pandering – Keef playing with only his right hand or Jimmy Page playing with only his left.


  4. Stay tuned for a new poll question!

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