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Townspeeps, I know it’s late notice and my time will be limited, but I’m going to be in Ann Arbor on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 25-26. I may have some time late Tuesday to meet up with any Townspeople in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area. I can think of at least 2 regulars out that way. Let me know if you’re out there and interested.

Until then, let us know what’s on your mind, in the news, on your turntable (or whatever). Thanks!


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  1. Loc thr the poll re Marquee Moon. I summon whoever voted for the non-fade version to explain their preference. Is it merely for another 30 seconds or so of music that wasn’t previously available?

    The superior aesthetic value of the fade is clear: the song takes you through that long journey and then begins anew. I’ve seen/heard live versions where there was some extra guitar firepower thrown into the recapitulation of the first verse, but as a recording device, the frame of implied endless repeat is perfect. I’m actually far more steamed by this revison in remastering than I am by the variations in the newer Loaded version of Sweet Jane.

  2. 2000 Man

    You’re going to Ann Arbor? Take record money. There’s a pretty good used store there. I found a lot of stuff to waste money on there.

  3. Yes, I just voted with you on the poll, geo. The full ending on the CD is up there with my sense of outrage over the CD versions of “Sweet Jane” and the most outrageous revision, in my opinion, the added measures of rhythm guitar in “Rock ‘n Roll.” The LP version of “Marquee Moon” is like a moebius strip, or whatever that thing is called. I wish I had thought of this moment of outrage the time I interviewed Richard Lloyd. Maybe I can follow up with him and see if he knows the story behind the CD version.

  4. This one’s for hvb: from a column Bev Bevan (The Move, ELO) writes:

    Bev Bevan’s Photo Album
    August 5th, Sunday Mercury
    ELO, ELO, ELO, what’s this?

    ELO are back in the news, with the revelation
    that Jeff Lynne is re-recording some of our
    classic hits. He’s been working in the studio
    where, he says, he’s been bringing the benefits
    of 21st century record techniques to songs we
    originally released back in the 1970s.

    Among the tracks that will appear on a new album
    titled Mr Blue Sky, due for release in October,
    are Mr Blue Sky, Evil Woman, Strange Magic, Don’t
    Bring Me Down, Turn To Stone, Showdown, Telephone
    Line, Livin’ Thing, Do Ya, Can’t Get It Out Of My
    Head and 10538 Overture – plus a new song called
    The Point Of No Return

    This seems pretty pointless at best (and perverse at worst) to me. But maybe I’m just old-fashioned…

  5. I’m digging this new Dylan album, esp. “I Pay In Blood”….I know everyone was wondering.

  6. cliff sovinsanity

    As for shows there isn’t much going on except for The Devil Makes Three playing at The Ark. They are an acoustic roots/alt country combo. If you’re feeling adventurous, Peter Gabriel is at The Palace of Auburn Hills which is about a 50 minute drive north east. But for that amount of driving you might as well go to the D.

    You must stop in at Encore Records at 417 East Liberty. A huge collection of vinyl and cd’s. These guys know the know. Ask them if anything else is going on.

  7. Was behind a car with plates “GTRLVR” recently and wondered if he was a Hackett guy or Howe guy.


  8. 2000 Man

    I went to a crappy record store the other day, to kill time before an appointment. Right before giving up and moving on, I found a little section marked “Specialty.” Years ago, that meant bootlegs. Today it seems to mean that Fragile still has the book or the other records are colored vinyl or picture disks. I found Cub Koda and The Points for very little money. I’ve been looking for it since high school (I know, you can get anything online, but that’s not how I buy records), and it turns out it’s even better than I hoped.

  9. BigSteve

    I vote ‘neither’ in the poll. I was never a big fan of the title song on Marquee Moon starting up again. Yeah I get the concept of implying endless repeat, but I’d rather the track just ended when it appears to end. So shoot me.

  10. cherguevara

    Curious to know everyone’s take on Billie Joe Armstrong’s f-bomb laden rant this weekend – told they had only one minute remaining for their set, he got pissed off and then smashed his guitar.

    This report on the event stakes the claim that it was pathetic. What do you think? Was this an authentic rock’n’roll moment? Contrived either on purpose or not? One thing I find curious is his use of the word “I” rather than using “we” to include his bandmates.

  11. I had a wonderful thing happen yesterday; at least it’s something I think many members of RTH would think is wonderful. It’s something that used to happen somewhat regularly but hasn’t happened to me in quite awhile.

    My nephew and godson, Michael, is playing in a band (Hanging Hill). Yesterday happened to be his 20th birthday and they were playing in a record store in Willimantic CT. It’s within hailing distance of the University of Connecticut which Michael attends. I’d heard their recent CD EP but I’ve never seen him live so we figured we’d take the 45 minute ride and see him.

    The band was pretty good and even the two openers were enjoyable but the wonderful thing was Willimantic Records, the venue. What a great little place. It’s mainly vinyl with a small CD collection, maybe 2/3 used and 1/3 new. There’s lots of other stuff crammed in – books, old magazines, electronic equipment, some still sealed Philco hip pocket records, even some Edison cylinders. It just opened in February and seems to host lots of bands. They are not making any money on that but the owner seems to love music of all kinds and offers local talent a place to play. There were maybe a dozen people there and the store would have been uncomfortably full with two dozen.

    I browsed the CDs during the opening two sets; I gave the vinyl a less than cursory glance because I don’t really buy any of that these days and there wasn’t enough time.

    There was a ton of stuff I’ve never heard of (and that alone is something that doesn’t happen too much) and that looked really interesting. I spent a lot of money and left with even more because the owner, Joe, didn’t charge me for a couple of the used discs and threw in some other stuff he thought I might like by way of thanking me. I bought more than I’d otherwise buy because I was partly taken with the place, partly wanted to encourage Joe to have my nephew’s band there again, and because…well…just because. And it was undoubtedly the most eclectic one store shopping spree I’ve ever indulged in: the Sun Ra Eternal Myth box, a 3 disc Benny Joy rockabilly collection, 4 discs of psychedelic comps (Mexican, Chilean, Asian, & African), some gospel (Arizona Dranes, Rev. Charlie Jordan, Rev. Louis Overstreet), the Can Tago Mago reissue, Moe Tucker’s I Spent A Week There The Other Night, a Northern Soul comp, an Anthony Newley best of, and my newphew’s disc.

    Serendipity can be a wonderful (and expensive) thing!

  12. cherguevara

    So now he’s checked onto rehab and they are apologizing to “anyone who might’ve been offended.” Lame.

  13. The real outrage should have been directed at that sign: “1 minutes.” Couldn’t the operator have lopped off the plural ending?

  14. cherguevara

    Wow that is… something. Mime *is* money.

    But no “laughing gnome?” That’s too bad.

  15. Mr. Mod! Please check out this Kyle MacLachlan interview with special details about the making of The Doors movie!

  16. Lunchtime at my desk awaits!!! Thanks.

  17. This is magic, Oats. Thanks for the tip. Kyle says he has trouble putting into words the experience of making The Doors, but he actually nailed it up front:

    A few things jump out, particularly wigs and sideburns. Wigs and sideburns hell, I should say.

    Give this man a six-pack!

    If we were to cast the RTH movie, a bizarre film that takes place solely through our separate screens and the posts on a dramatized version of our site, I’m thinking MacLachlan would play HVB.

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