Apr 162009

I bet you are too. Tell us all about it!


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  1. Two comments related only in that they are prompted by recent downloads from dimeadozen.

    (1) Maybe this one should go in the revitalized Hendrix thread. Anyone familiar with Ernie Isley’s (one & only, as far as I know) CD called High Wire from 1990? I remember buying this when it came out although I don’t remember why. Maybe only because it was likely cheap, since it’s a cut out. I hadn’t listened to it in at least 15 years but was prompted to by seeing a partial show up on dime from the tour in support of it. It was then and remains a great album. Lots of Hendrix inspired guitar. I can explain it best by saying it’s the last really great Prince album.

    (2) I’ve often cinfessed my love of Marc Bolan and T. Rex. I’ve always regretted never having the opportunity to see him live. But now I see up on dime a show from 1974 at the Tower Theater, opening for Blue Oyster Cult. I was still in college and living in Yeadon at that time but I’m certain I never knew of this show or else I’d have been there. How’d it slip by me? T.Rex literally within walking distance of my house (more likely a bus ride but there were more than a few times I walked it thanks to a SEPTA strike) and I knew nothing of it. Bolan was past his brief US popularity by 1974 and as opener for BOC possibly wasn’t even advertised. It still pains me.

  2. My local Border’s is closing out their CD and DVD stock. I picked up a copy of the first two Flo and Eddie records (reissued last year on their own label). Being a Turtles fan and big fan of Howard Kaylan (the singer), I’m looking forward to hearing these long out-of-print records. I’ll get back to you on whether or not they’re turds. They do a cover of “Afterglow” by Marriott on the second album. Can’t wait to hear it.


    PS–Also got an import of Beatles novelty records. It was cheap!

  3. Mr. Moderator

    I look forward to your report, TB. I’ve long been tempted to check out those records for all the reasons you mention, but the Flo and Eddie tie-in with Zappa and the pastel colors featured on their record sleeves always scare me off.

  4. diskojoe

    I recently picked up the deluxe edition of new Nick Lowe comp, Quiet Please…The New Best of Nick Lowe that has the DVD of old videos & a 2007 performance in Belgium. I watched the Belgium performance a couple of nights ago & I enjoyed it very much, although I kept thinking that old Basher now looks a bit like Leslie Neilsen now. The old videos were a hoot, especially the one for “Cruel to Be Kind” & the one from Mr. Mod’s fave rave NL album Cowboy Outfit.

  5. Flo and Eddie–Decent stuff. The first record features alot of the Mothers leftovers (apparently it was recorded after Zappa’s injury and the band splintered). Fans of latter-era Turtles (Turtle Soup) will probably like it. It’s closer to Turtles than Zappa. The second album was recorded around the time the guys were opening for Alice Cooper. It has a heavier sound as a result, but it also features some of that goofy Flo and Eddie storytelling humor on a couple of tracks. This one has some stronger ties to the Zappa thing than the previous one. There is a track about a matador where they’re singing rings around each other. There’s also a cover of “Afterglow” that doesn’t better the original, but that’s a killer song and they do a fine job of imitating old Steve. It will not change your life, but these records are certainly worth a listen or two.


    PS–According to the notes, Volman says that they wanted that first record to be a “Turtles” release, but White Whale owned their asses so it was credited to Flo and Eddie.

  6. Mr. Moderator

    Just got word of this programme, which is on the BBC site for 1 more day:


All-Star Jam

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Jan 312007

All-Star Jam. Sweet.


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  1. The Back Office

    FYI- Some workers are coming by in a bit to install panelling in the Dirt Weed skin. If it looks good, we’ll keep it. If not, they’ll remove it at no cost.

    Thank you for you attention.
    The Back Office

  2. Mr. Moderator

    I see another drummer has entered the Halls of Rock! Check out the Bevan piece and report back, drummers new and old. More “Is There a Drummer in the House?” features to come!

  3. I think the panelling looks great. You can almost see the pot stems and seeds left over in the gatefold cover

  4. The Back Office

    the panelling looks great

    Ahhh, a fellow aesthete. Marvelous.

    The Back Office

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