Dec 132012

Hands across the water edition! Tell your English-speaking friends from across the pond what’s on your mind.


  11 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. It looks like someone just posted this on YouTube yesterday. It only had 18 views when I stumbled on it while looking for a Klaus Voorman-related nugget. I think this person tagged his or her video with “Klaus Voorman” as an influence. Pretty cool:–JDdyPtfM

  2. OK, as two countries separated by a common language, “Come On You Lot” is from Go-Kart Mozart’s “On The Hot Dog Streets”, a favourite of 2012. I’m sure all at RTH will get the nod to Chicory Tip/early Moroder synth-pop but do lyrics such as “then when Hursty scored” survive the transatlantic crossing ?

  3. All this Clapton stuff over the past few days reminded me of how much I like “Badge.”

    The “Yvonne Elliman years” are not the favorite of many, but that’s all I knew as a kid.

  4. Maybe it’s the language barrier but I can’t confirm that your post is even IN English.

  5. That song ended up being pretty catchy considering how much I feared it when the bubbling synths started up.

    Is “Hursty” Geoff Hurst, who I just learned is the only player to score a hat trick in a World Cup final?

  6. It is indeed Sir Geoff, a hero from a time when England was swinging like a pendulum do. There’s nothing to be afraid of Mod, it’s just a pop song. It was one of your Presidents who said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and spiders” or something like that.

  7. I can’t listen or watch Clapton. Yes I realize it wasn’t his fault. I think of his kid and his fatal fall. And why wasn’t his wife . mother of the son ever reported on how she took the tragedy. I guess I’m in a morbid mood because of the tragedy in Sandy Hook CT

  8. Slim Jade

    Formerly (sort of) known as Felt! And we know how I love them.

  9. Baseball fans and fans of Roberto Clemente, in particular, should put aside time to read this article and watch the related videos.

    I still can’t figure out why, exactly, Clemente and his Lumber Company teammates resonated so deeply with me the first year I closely followed baseball, but he did. He and that team somehow perfectly embodied what the game would mean to me.

    Is Buddy Holly the Roberto Clemente of rock?

  10. A funny Portlandia bit that more than a few of us should know about:

  11. misterioso

    Generally I find that show about 1/50th as funny as, apparently, I am supposed to, but that is a funny bit.

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