Dec 142012

Any truth to the rumor that Sirhan Sirhan was in the audience the night of this performance?


  4 Responses to “Is There a Drummer in the House: Who’s Threatening the Life of the Drummer in Manfred Mann?”

  1. cliff sovinsanity

    The most inefficient use of a ride cymbal ever.

  2. This one’s easy. He’s actually being very efficient with this set up. He can ride and crash on one cymbal. Every once in a while I see a guy get their ride pretty vertical. It depends on where their wrist is comfortable. Also, some cymbals come from the factory labeled as “crash ride”.

  3. cliff sovinsanity

    Still doesn’t look very ergonomic to me.

  4. Mike Hugg had had it with Manfred Mann by this time. Two of the original members had left & the music was less jazzy R&B, more pop. He described “Ha Ha Said The Clown” as one of the worst records he had ever heard. He would rather be back home composing the soundtrack for the movie “Up The Junction”, just commissioned, than plodding through a lame cover of a Shirley Ellis song.

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