Aug 212013

As I feel about Paul Rudd, I can’t get enough of the rock talk that’s on your mind. Don’t hold back. The All-Star Jam is the place to do your think. First-timers are welcome to make an initial splash.


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  1. H. Munster

    I feel bad that we didn’t mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Kingsmen’s recording of “Louie Louie.” April 6, 1963, Perhaps we can officially declare the remainder of 2013 as “Louie Louie Year”.

  2. Wow, there’s nothing like a new All-Star Jam post to inspire rock ‘n roll death notices.

    American Beatles fans can thank this guy for the opportunity to have our minds blown and heal from the JFK assassination:

    Longtime RTHers will need a moment to reflect on what may henceforth be known as the Day The Son Most Closely Identified With The Day the Music Died Died:


  3. I saw that movie “20 Feet from Stardom” last night and really enjoyed it. I had known that Darlene Love sang on a lot of the Spector records released under other names, particularly the Crystals, but I had no idea Spector was such creep about this. I assumed she was in on the deal and was doing these things as a front to allow her to make and sell more records. In the movie she talks about how Spector was using her supposed song demo session performances and releasing them under other names. Then, when he finally did a master session with her for “He’s the Boy I Love”, it was out and climbing the charts as a Crystals hit when she found out he hadn’t put it out under her name. What a dick!

  4. diskojoe

    I watched Amazing Journey The Story of the Who last night. I picked it up @ my local Newbury Comics for $6. I should have bought it when it was on sale for $3. It’s not bad. However, it’s not as good as The Kids Are Alright, where the music does the talking. Also, I’m not sure why people like the Edge, Sting & Eddie Vedder had to be in it. I didn’t mind seeing people like Entwhiste’s mother & ex-wfe & Moonie’s mum since they were part of the story. Another thing is the fake 3-D effect that they used on vintage photos, which I’ve also seen on other rock documentries. It looks rather fake & contrived.

  5. Oh man, great point about that fake 3-D effect, diskojoe. That’s outlived its novelty. I tried watching a documentary on Bill Hicks that had almost nothing but his friends talking over photos given that treatment. Between that and the focus of the guy’s increasing drug use and wild personal behavior rather than his flights of creativity I had to bail midway through.

  6. For those interested in Minneapolis local legends The Suburbs — here’s a nice story on their loves, losses and new album out next week.

    They absolutely got it done in the early 80s. For some reason I never knew that tthe ‘Burbs Chan Polling was married to the late Eleanor Mondale..

  7. misterioso

    I share your lukewarm, semi-enthusiasm for this. I am glad a I watched it, there was some cool stuff in it, some annoying, and doubtful I will watch it again. Whereas, Kids Are Alright, I will watch over and over again.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    Ok, that Paul Rudd’s computer clip totally cements my love for Paul Rudd.

  9. Is it my imagination or is the Budweiser Made in America concert inexplicably using pictures of members of the Velvet Underground as wallpaper on their website? If so, why?

  10. You’re right. That’s really weird.

  11. A Please Explain call has gone up on The Main Stage. I’m hopeful that a Townsman like machinery might help us get to the bottom of this.

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